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Unleash the Writer Within
- A True Story

Dear Fellow Writer,

Please take a few moments to read what is below. If you've ever had problems with writer's block or gaining the enthusiasm you might need to write consistently and well, then this message is for you.

Now, I have an inspiring story to tell you – about how a student of mine went on to become a best-selling author – and it’s all true!

A few years ago, an aspiring author sent a novel to me for critiquing and comments. I duly prepared a report outlining where I thought the MS’s strengths and weaknesses lie, made suggestions, we emailed back and forth a few times and that, I thought, was that.

Six months later, the author contacted me and said she had won a competition and the book had been published as a result. Not only that, it was a top ten best-seller in Ireland, where she lives!

She has since had two more best-selling novels and is now considered to be one of Irelands best writers!

Isn’t that amazing?

Her name is Tracy Culleton and… I really wish I could take any of the credit for her success but that would be facetious and, of course, just plain wrong.

But interestingly, she does credit her success to a fascinating series of techniques she wanted me to bring to your attention.

I’m only too willing to oblige. Over to you, Tracy –

Hello there!

If I told you there was a guaranteed way to permanently eradicate writer’s block, would you
be interested in finding out more about it?

And if I could show you a sure-fire method of
getting yourself into the writing Zone at will,
would you want to look into that?

If you’re serious about your creative writing, then you owe it to yourself to read through this letter and see if this opportunity is right for you.

I’d like to ask you this:

* Do you find that although you want to write – indeed, you need to write – you’ll do anything rather than write?

* Does your heart sink at the prospect of sitting down at the keyboard? Do you immediately think of the laundry you need to do? Or the e-mail you were going to send to a friend? Or the walk you promised your dog?

* Are you prone to sitting blankly at your computer, willing the ideas to come, but feeling like your brain is made of mush?

If this is your experience of writing (it certainly used to be mine!), then you need to know that it isn’t your fault.

It isn’t some character defect or lack of willpower. I will explain below exactly what is causing it, but for now, just know this:

Writing doesn’t have to be a struggle!

Let me explain a little background.

A few years back, a psychiatrist named Dr. Roger Callahan and a Stanford-trained engineer and personal-performance expert named Gary Craig developed a system called Emotional Freedom Technique.

EFT proved outstanding at doing two things, and doing them quickly and painlessly

* Totally removing negative emotions such as fear, anger and so on. Literally, those feelings were gone, to be replaced by peace and calm.

* Removing mental blocks or limiting beliefs and replacing them with more empowering beliefs. In other words, literally re-programming our subconscious so that it works for us, rather than against us.

Are you beginning to see how powerful this is?

These two attributes turned out to have hundreds, if not thousands, of uses. EFT quickly became the technique of choice to solve all sorts of problems from phobias to traumas to addictions to being overweight to headaches to allergies and many others.

Then it gets very, very interesting for writers!

As an EFT practitioner I’ve been using EFT for over four years, solving a large number of my own issues and those of friends, family and clients.

But as well, in 2003 I fulfilled my life-time dream of becoming a published novelist; indeed a best-selling published novelist.

So I had the expertise and experience of EFT and knew how well it worked. And I had experienced all the challenges and heartaches of being a writer.

I used EFT techniques to write my third novel, “More Than Friends”, in only three months! And the quality certainly didn’t suffer – More Than Friends reached No. 4 in the Irish bestseller list, and garnered rave reviews.

Here’s what other writers have to say about the benefits they got from EFT:

“I found the (techniques) very helpful because they enabled me to truly acknowledge…the depth of my feelings. ”Light dawned for me when I realized that I am writing for myself…not for anyone else. So it doesn't matter what they think. I have been fine ever since.”
M.W., Dublin.

“As the time for my first book launch approaches, I'm having worries about the caliber of my writing and how it will be compared to other writers. I turned to lesson 6 in my Unleash the Writer and (followed your instructions) with amazing success. After only ten minutes, I'd accepted my writing voice as being unique to me. I also let go my worries and allowed myself to be proud of my work. I'm now looking forward to seeing Love Match (my first novel) on the shelves without any worries ruining this time for me.”
M.M., Cork.

Practice my techniques for just half an hour a day for a month or two and I promise you a complete transformation.

* Increased efficiency. (5000 -10000 words per day)

* Finish that novel,

* Make it an outstandingly excellent novel,

* Send it out to agents and publishers, and keep sending it out if necessary.

My all new system, which I call ‘Unleash The Writer’ directly assists in every one of these steps.

It also includes:

* The truth about how your mind is actively trying to stop you writing (and why it thinks it’s helping you by doing so!). This is why it’s not our fault – it’s your mind blocking you.

* How to convert this creativity-assassin into your biggest ally!

* Detailed instructions for EFT – the amazing tool which is our secret weapon for defeating writers’ block.

* 76 comprehensive tools to evaporate everything which is blocking you.

* A score-chart so you can track your progress and see how far you’ve come.

* How you can use Ritual and Intention to help your writing (and no, it’s nothing mysterious or magical. It’s as down-to-earth as you can get).

* A unique method for getting to know your characters intimately so you can portray them as fully rounded people. (Even when it seems
like they will never come real).

* How to look after your brain so it works well for you (and what on earth sunflower seeds have to do with quality writing!).

* How to use visualization to literally train your subconscious into being a writer.

* How a kitchen timer can be your best friend (and it’s nothing to do with cooking!)

* Free subscription to my monthly newsletter which includes regular writing tips and resources.

For a limited time, the investment for Unleash The Writer is only $47. That’s a 45% discount off the normal price!

Click HERE to order now – immediate download!

Be warned! This price won’t be around for long. Once this product is established the price will be going up to the proper $87.

Will Unleash The Writer work for you? You’ll never know unless you try it – at absolutely no risk to yourself – with my 100% money-back guarantee.

And I invite you to imagine yourself in one month’s time. You could be the same as you are now, struggling with your writing. Or, you could be writing happily and joyfully, the words flowing easily, the story progressing well, and you enjoying every minute of it .

HERE to order now – for immediate downloading!

Whatever your decision, I thank you for having given me the time to read this, and I wish you all the best with your writing.

Tracy Culleton
Best-selling author

P.S. In five minutes you could be holding the key to your writing success. For your convenience, Unleash The Writer is available as electronic download. Once you complete the transaction you’ll be taken directly to the download page. Unleash The Writer can either be printed out (recommended) or read on the screen.

Go HERE to order now!

Best regards and keep writing!

Rob Parnell
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