"It's 2013 - and the Rules Have Changed - Scratch That - THERE ARE NO RULES!

"For the First Time in History, the World Belongs to Writers... TO YOU!"


Dear Fellow Writer!

Rob Parnell here.

How about a world like this...

No more groveling to agents and publishers!

No more endless rejections - and putting your life on
hold till you (inevitably) get them!

No more changing your manuscripts just because some editor or agent says so!

No more waiting around until some kind of writing success happens to come to
you - or perhaps never does...

There's no need to wait around anymore, because:

YOU are In Control - and the World is Your Oyster!

And this is how it works:

Write it - make it the best that it can be - and get it out there!

Then - let your readers make you rich and famous!

Do You Have the Write Stuff?

Can you write? Can you occupy yourself from home? Do you want to?

Of course you do!

Becoming a successful writer is easy in the 21st Century - and you don't have to wait to be 'discovered' or 'recognized' or 'accepted' - these are all completely outdated notions that have no place in your present vocabulary!

Now YOU call the shots. YOU make your own plans for the future. And - YOU get exactly what you want. The perfect writer's life, the gigs only you truly desire and all the joy-filled hours in the day to make all your writing dreams come true.

Probably for the first time in history, writers can take control of their careers - and become wealthy and successful enough to look after themselves and their families - without having to sign away their lives to publishers or be prey to the whims of magazine editors and other freelance writer markets.

The 21st century has changed all that.

There is now more demand for what writers can do than ever before.

Which is why you can live and support yourself easily through your writing - especially if you've got The Write Stuff!

It's as simple as ONE TWO THREE:

WRITE EDIT PUBLISH - and launch your
own writing career.
Be in total control and STAY in control.

And I'm NOT talking about all those types of writing you might dread:

* NOT just Copyrighting

* NOT just Article Writing

* NOT just Ghost Writing or Travel Writing


On any given day you can write whatever you want: fiction in your chosen genre (Thrillers, Romance, Fantasy, SF, Literary, you name it), self help, your autobiography, non fiction books, commentary, short stories, articles, blogs, even just writing messages on social networks, YOU CHOOSE what you want to do, all of the time!

If you just want to write NOVELS - that's absolutely fine.

If you just want to write SHORT STORIES - that's absolutely fine

If you just want to write SELF HELP BOOKS - that's totally fine too

It's Your Choice

You can still make a living and have fun writing whatever you want. You have no-one to impress or pander to but yourself.

Mega-selling books, totally passive income, your words seen and acknowledged worldwide, movie and TV deals, the perfect lifestyle, riches, it's all yours for the taking - and no-one's standing in your way!

Only one question...

Do you have The Write Stuff?

Sure you do - if you can write and edit, then you can do it all - and never pay a dime to anyone but yourself. The world has changed. Now writers are in control of their destiny.

The recent phenomenal success (and we're talking just in the last couple of years here) of a new breed of million-selling authors without publishers proves two main things:

1. Readers prefer authors who don't pander to publisher's whims

2. Publishers don't really know what they doing (as we always suspected)

Fact is, mainstream publishers have for a couple of centuries survived on luck rather than good judgment - because getting good authors at the right time has always been a numbers game.

It's why they consistently reject your work - and publish stuff you'd be embarrassed to write!

It's got nothing to do with publishers knowing anything about good writing or good storytelling - it's the public who decides that - as they always have.

Did you know that when publishers first signed up writers like Charles Dickens they paid 90% of the book sale price to the writer? It's true!

What happened?

Well, publishers - like all corporate monsters - got greedy because they had to pay for all the duff authors they signed up to fill their lists (as they still do!) And why do they sign up authors that don't sell books? Basically, because they don't know what they were doing...

Let's hear some great writers on publishers.

"Your publisher is that imbecile who stands between you and
your public, and lines his pockets with your just rewards."

George Bernard Shaw - 1917

"I don't expect publishers to be entirely literary - but an
interest in books and writers might be nice."
Peter Ackroyd - 1986

"Thank C***t we don't need publishers anymore!"
Anthony Horowitz - 2012

I suppose it's easy for writers to be dismissive of traditional publishers - especially these days when their numbers are dwindling fast. But I ask you, who really knows more about writing than a writer?

When it comes to books, surely it's only
writers who really know what they're doing...

When a writer puts together a book or novel, he/she does it because they believe it will sell - that it's commercial and has a market...

And if you do that - and believe it - why on Earth would you respect a publisher who rejected it!

Why feel crushed? Just get your work out
there and prove them wrong!

Writers do all the work so...
writers should be the ones getting the money!

And now we can!

The modern world has given us the means and the technology to do it all ourselves.

The problem has been for years that writers have not had any control over the production and distribution of their work.

But now - all that has changed.


Now the control has come back to the author - where it should be.

Fact is, if you've got the courage to put your words out there under your own steam then you've got THE WRITE STUFF.

The only thing to fear is fear itself. Only YOU are holding yourself back.

All you need to do is make one small shift in your mindset and you can immediately become a self employed writer - just like you always dreamed of being.

The door is open - are you ready to walk through?

Come on, take my hand and I'll be there - to show you how you too can have:


Over the next five glorious weeks you will receive PDF lessons every seven days - starting today - and I will teach you how to take hold of your life and become the successful working writer you always dreamed of being!

Course Contents:

Module A. Mindset:

1. Prioritizing Your Life
2. Organizing Your Life
3. Setting Writing Goals
4. Getting Started

Module B. Early Stages:

1. Planning
2. Notes
3. Rough Templates
4. Inspiration

Module C. The Writing (Fiction):

1. Characters
2. Plotting
3. Point of View
4. Final Templates

Module D. The Writing (Non Fiction):

1. Subject Matter
2. Direction
3. Purpose
4. Final Templates

Module E. Style and Technique:

1. Basics
2. Intermediary
3. Advanced
4. Practical

Module F. The Write Stuff:

1. Writing
2. Publishing
3. Promotion
4. Money

Over this unique series of SIX fat writing modules I will teach you everything you need to prosper as writer and author in the 21st Century.

Writing success is not just about waiting for a publisher to "accept" you anymore.

It's about taking control - working out what you want, making plans, setting goals and then going for it.

Of course there are important considerations - but that's where I come in! I can teach you how to understand and benefit from what is essential to your writing success in the modern age.

* Where, why and how to focus your energies.

* What you need to think about before you write.

* What you need to know before you publish.

* And what you need to write about - and how!


* How to construct book, novel and article templates

* How to develop characters quickly

* How to easily plot any story for commercial appeal

* How to deal with point of view - in fiction and non fiction

* Show don't tell - the easy way

* How to be a writing machine

* How to write for your readers

* How to develop a unique style

* How to get your writing and your books 'out there'

* How to identify and target your readers

* How to magnify your initial success

* How to maintain a comfortable writing career

* And much, much more.

The Write Stuff is not so much a set of instructions - it's more of a philosophy - a Writer's Bible if you like - that I guarantee will help guide you into your own writing success in the coming years.

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Looking forward to helping you.

I'm sure the The Write Stuff will change your writing life!

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell
The Easy Way to Write