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Dear Friend,

Let's assume you do all the right things.

You write good stories and/or novels and you dutifully send them off, fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

You make sure your MSS are always neat and tidy; you correct mistakes in the grammar and spelling because you know how important all that is.

You address them personally to the right person at the appropriate publishers, and include a punchy introductory letter and details about your writing career and your work.

Then you wait - and what usually happens?

Yep. You get rejected.

Sometimes, you get a bit further. You hear that your story is up for consideration. Your heart starts to race, your head spins. You can't believe it. You're so close now - so close - and then: suddenly you're knocked back again.

They even contact you to tell you they've decided to go with another submission.

It hurts - I know.

Because you know you're good, you know you're getting something right but still, you keep getting rejected.

Why, why, why? You berate yourself. You question your talent. Yes, and sometimes you hate yourself - and your writing... but,

It could be that you're missing something simple. Because, you see, once you're in the running for publication, once you've made your way out of the slush pile and onto an editor's desk, it's your story and your writing that becomes paramount. Where your naked talent and ability is judged and in some cases, um, found wanting.

Scary thought, eh?

Listen. I get a lot of emails from writers who relate this all too common scenario:

They submit to a publisher or an agent and they get a letter back that says something like: 'Quite good work, would be benefit from a rewrite.'

And writers then ask me, 'What do they mean? Where can I go for advice on this? Is there help specifically on rewriting?'

Up until now I've had to say, no, not really, not specifically.

As I say, until now.

I have profound pleasure in introducing an indispensable writing resource from Richard Spurling, PhD, Dip ED, MA, Creative Writing:

"The Easy Way to Re-Write:
The Last Word on Crafting your Stories
for Submission and Publication"

For the first time on the Net, here is a manual that guides you through the minefield that is rewriting.

Ask yourself:

* Do I do my stories proper justice?

* Are my characters sufficiently believable - do they have depth?

* Have I explored my themes effectively?

* Is there integrity to my plot - does it hold water?

* Are there weaknesses in my writing?

* How can I improve?

If you take your writing at all seriously, you will have asked yourself these questions many times and, if you've ever wondered why your MSS are continually rejected, these are important questions that you must confront and deal with.

It's the only way to get better - and increase your acceptance rate.

Richard Spurling is the multi-talented author of numerous novels, short stories and treatise on writing. He is also an enthusiastic tutor, holding a Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts in Creative writing.

Plus, he's an ardent supporter of the Easy Way to Write and a popular member of the EWTW online forum. Personable, specific and precise, his advice is always right on the money.

His new ebook shows you, step by step, how to strengthen and polish your work so that it gleams like a diamond.

In today's world, professional writing is one part writing to nine parts re-writing - whether you like it or not. That's the reality.


Because it's so important to get books right nowadays. The competition is fierce. Publishers are overworked. The public is more discerning. They won't tolerate weak writing, inconsistency, or lack of direction. You have no choice but to get your writing spot on. And that's where Richard's new e-resource comes in.

"The Easy Way to Re-Write:
The Last Word on Crafting your Stories
for Submission and Publication"

It's the most thorough manual on rewriting I have ever seen (and that's saying something!) Here's a quick rundown of what you get:

* An expert explanation of rewriting and an understanding of its importance to the success of your MSS and your writing career.

* Full instruction on how to read your MS with a critical, objective eye on characterization, story, themes, concept and readability.

* A complete analysis of the forms of correct story structure from beginning to climax and resolution.

* Insider tips on how to deconstruct your MS and rebuild it to create a virtual masterpiece.

* An investigation into the author/reader contract and how to maintain the all-important 'fictive dream'.

* Easy ways to infuse your writing with energy, honesty, a unique voice and literary variety.

* Crucial tips on eliminating logic flaws, sustaining credible dialogue, handling subplots, creating suspense, avoiding cliché, handling active and passive voice, dealing effectively with sex scenes, POV, adverbs, political correctness and even extraneous research.

* All this and then more:

As well as this ebook, Richard has also created a complete guide to submitting to agents and publishers, including how to pitch stories and novels so that you stand head and shoulders above the herd.

This information alone is priceless - and it's free when you purchase The Easy Way to Re-Write for just $9. Go here to order now, before midnight, :

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Best regards and keep writing!

Rob Parnell
Your Success is My Concern
The Easy Way to Write


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