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Story Plotting 101

This is the second in a series of all new master classes designed to explore the fundamentals of fiction writing - and help you expand and deepen your understanding of story creation and idea development.

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From Rob Parnell

Dear Fellow Writer,

When it comes to writing stories, once you have a good grasp of character creation, you can then move on to the tricky part: creating a great plot for your novel, short story, screenplay, play, or piece of flash/fan fiction.

Plotting is fundamental to ANY story. It can make or break the impact of your writing.

A plot is not merely a sequence of events - in the same way that a series of diary entries is not a story. A plot is something much more involved - it implies a coherence that goes way beyond a simple relating of 'story points' or 'emotional beats'.

A good plot is a thing of beauty. It has symmetry and a solidity that goes far beyond what most writers even try to accomplish…  

So what makes a good plot?

Here's your unique chance to find out!

You know me.

The most frequent compliment I receive is that I always deliver more than was expected - usually much more.

And this masterclass is no exception. In "Story Plotting 101" I will lay bare all the arguments for and against the conventional theories - and then go further, exposing their positives - and some of their limitations - before moving further than any other 'writing guru' has ever gone before!

I'll take you through the entire process of story creation, template construction and idea development in a way that is instructional, fun and will, I hope, no doubt strike you as profound. That is my promise to you.

Here's what we'll discover together:

Course includes:

1. Introduction to Story Plotting

2. Module One: Genesis of an Idea

3. Module Two: Development of a Framework

4. Module Three: Creating a Masterpiece

A good plot is an exploration of theme, character and observation - and much more - it is about creating a complete virtual world in which your thoughts and ideas are expressed with clarity and boldness.

Over four modules - I present to you a veritable manual for plot creation. One you may need to dip into for the rest of your writing life!

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Story Plotting Master Class 101

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Rob Parnell
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