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Recently, I decided to bite the bullet. I decided to put time aside everyday - just an hour or so - to write another novel.

I had in mind a complicated thriller with lots of twists and turns, red herrings and cliff-hangers.

I started writing character analyses, drawing up plot outlines, chapter templates and ideas for scenes. Soon I was overwhelmed, lost in a sea of notes - and I started to wonder whether I had taken on too much!

I seriously began to wonder whether I should leave the project alone until I had more time. (That most precious of all writer's commodities!)

Anyway, a little later, I just happened to be idly looking at the Easy Way to Write's listing on clickbank.com (where I'm currently No. 1 in their 'most popular products' category under 'Novels and Ebooks' - woohoo!)

Anyway, I noticed another site there promoting Novel Writing Software and I thought, well, why not just take a quick look...

You can guess what happened next. I ended up downloading the software.

And...let me tell you right now - it's one of the best decisions I ever made - it's absolutely brilliant! Within an hour of so of getting it, all my notes and ideas for the thriller were contained and organised and I felt energised and raring to go. I've been writing my latest novel ever since using the software - I just can't get enough of it!

Of course, over the last few years, I'd been vaguely aware of the name of it:

It's called NewNovelist.

But, to be honest I'd never thought I needed software to help me write before. I guess I was kind of snobby about it. Boy, was I being dumb. To think of all the time I'd wasted up to that point!

Honestly, this software is so much fun and is just so easy to use.

Here's what the people who produce it say:

Newnovelist is used in UK University creative writing courses, helping experienced and new writers alike. It's simple to install, has already been enjoyed by over 51,000 people in more than 60 countries, and is supported by an established company, that provides support as and when you need it.

It's extremely easy to learn. You need very little knowledge of computers - you just have to point, click and type. It takes less than 5 minutes to install Newnovelist and get started with your writing.

You'll be able to use it immediately and follow a fast learning curve. This means it will not suck you into hours of set up and days of figuring out the manual, so you will very soon be doing exactly what you want to do - writing a book!

You don't even need to be a writer to use Newnovelist.

You need no previous writing experience - you can simply write down your thoughts, without having to worry about how they should be properly constructed. As a result, you can spend more time on the creative writing and less time working out what to do next.

You can write the way you think because Newnovelist enables you to move backwards and forwards through the process and storyline at will.

You don't have to start at the beginning and keep going until you reach the end, so you can develop characters as they occur to you and build rich scenes whenever such detail comes to your mind.

You can even write the ending first if you like - and this means that you can write in the same way that you think, dancing from idea to idea, in an intuitive rather than formulaic manner.

No more rifling through cuttings and notes...

The software provides you with templates on which you stretch and form your characters and scenes. So you just have to have the image in your mind of who is in your story, and where the story takes place.

The software will coax the detail out of you and store it in a useable and accessible format, which means that you don't need to rifle through cuttings files and notebooks to find things that occurred to you three months ago.

You can use all of these "mental sketches" in your writing when you hit the right point in your story. So your story is likely to be much richer, as it will contain every idea that you develop, and is much more likely to be a piece of creative writing that will be published - or at least something to be proud of with your family and friends.

Newnovelist book writing software can really help organise the way you write.

Newnovelist will present your manuscript in a format that is ready to show your publisher. It automatically generates the final copy into a format that is expected by literary agents and publishers, so that when you have finished your manuscript, you will be able to overcome the first hurdle in gaining literary acceptance - structure.

It helps you start quickly, but enables you to write at your own pace.

There is built in help at every single step of the way, which means that you will not have to read a manual before you start but can learn as you go along - reading where you need help, and moving forward quickly where you don't. This means that you can go ahead at your own pace, with confidence that help is available should you need it.

Download this unique Novel Writing Software Program today!

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At $54.99 it's a steal!

Here's what some reviewers and authors have had to say:

"The Magic of newnovelist is that it doesn't feel as if you're writing a book"
Roland White in the Sunday Times

"Newnovelist helped by enabling me to organise my research, deepen my characterisations, structure my chapters and plan my plot through to its climax. All this made the actual writing of the book very much easier" Mark Bannerman on how newnovelist helped him complete "Lust To Kill" - his 14th published novel

Overview of Newnovelist

Please note: This software is not compatible with a MAC

Newnovelist software breaks down the process of writing a novel into manageable chunks. This means that you are never faced with a blank screen or piece of paper.

This approach also means that you don't have to start with the introduction and keep on writing until you get to the end. You could start by developing a character or work on a plot turn; You could describe a particular event, or even write the ending and work backwards! You can dance around as the inspiration takes you - and the software collects all of your work into one single file, together with background, research notes for each section.

Step 1

You start by creating a working title and a one-line summary of your story. You're then asked to choose which category (plot-driven, character-driven or epic) and plot-type your story uses. All of this is explained in easy to understand help screens. You can also go back and change these later on in your writing, so you don't need to agonise over it too much.


You now use the writing software to define the major places and settings in the story. The Ordinary World section deals with the everyday life of the main characters. It won't necessarily figure too much in the book itself, but defining it helps to establish a back story for your hero, and put the story in a context.

Step 3

The Extraordinary World section concerns the places or settings that are somehow changed as a result of the events of the novel. Think of it like the sets in a movie. By filling in as much detail as you can, you'll make it easier later on to create consistent, convincing scenes for your characters. The software stores all of the elements that constitute your worlds like a card index - all retrievable from the single screen.

Step 4

Most stories center on the actions of one or two main characters, and the reader is often allowed to learn about their past life and personality traits gradually over the course of the book. As the author, it is your job to know all this stuff before the story even starts. This is where you catalogue every last detail that you might want to include - and we prompt you by asking for things such as the character's personality traits, likes and dislikes, and physical and emotional make up.

Step 5

Do the same for the antagonist (if your story has one) and all the incidental characters.

You probably don't need as much detail as for the hero, but whatever tidbits you can add all help to make each character's dialogue sound distinct and credible.

Step 6

All that is left is to actually write the thing! newnovelist provides a sample outline for writing a novel, based on the plot type you chose at the start. It doesn't provide any of the text for you, but it gives you timings and pace, and recommends the tempo and plot turns. You don't have to follow this of course, but if you write a chapter for each section, you should end up with a story that at least follows normal plot conventions.

And all the way through there are tutorials and help sections to steer you, reassure you and help you avoid the dreaded "writers block"!

Get this extraordinary software now!

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It's only $54.99 - and you have 28 days to return it for a full refund. Yeah right, I guarantee that after just a few hours, you will never want to part with it!

More testimonials:

"The point of your program is that it is affordable, well constructed and encourages people to write in a way that will make them readable." Gareth Powell, Publisher and 10 times published author

"Newnovelist helped as an organisational tool, and as a spur when I seemed to be losing sight of the destination" George Green,Head of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University

"I thought you might like to know that I have had my first novel published this year after investing in newnovelist. It's title is "Stephen Harris in Trouble" and is published by Jessica Kingsley Publications" Tim Nichol, used Newnovelist software to become a published writer.

"Newnovelist is an extremely useful piece of software for anyone wanting to write a novel - it is easy to use, and it incorporates part of the syllabus from the Creative Writing Course at the University of East Anglia." Dr Louisa Joyner, former Creative Writing tutor, University of East Anglia

I think you'd be wise to place your order now:

Click here!

Best regards and keep writing!

Rob Parnell
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