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Dear Fellow Writer,

The next time you're in town, take a close look at your local book store. Picture yourself studying those long lines of shelves (looking for your own name perhaps!)

You'll notice that, when it comes to new books, self help is one of the major growth industries in publishing - and has been for well over two decades now. There seems to be a never ending demand for books that cater to our physical, mental and emotional growth.

It's a product of our age: a time when our new found wealth, materialism and 'Because I'm Worth It' mentality has left us feeling empty, yearning for something more meaningful, perhaps even spiritual.

Whilst you're still in that bookstore, take a look at some of those writer's markets books - and buy one if you haven't already! It will be one of the best investments in your writing career you will ever make.

Examine Submission Guidelines

Now, look up the guidelines for submitting manuscripts and book ideas to mainstream and independent publishers.

Fiction guidelines are often cursory and dismissive, listing precise conditions that imply you should think twice about submitting anything!

Now take a look at the guidelines for submitting books on 'self help', 'how to' and books about personal growth and change.

A completely different story.

The guidelines for submitting self help manuscripts, even just ideas for self help books is far more encouraging, even enthusiastic and helpful.

Why is this, do you think?

Okay, listen and listen good: The publishing industry is a business. It is commercially driven. The industry, from the bottom to the top, want to stock shops with books that actually sell!

Finding a Niche

Now, assume that writing a self help book is a lot quicker than writing a novel - and I mean a lot, say a tenth of the time you'd take on a fictional work. Assume that you could probably research, plan and write a good self help book, realistically, in about two months - from the germ of an idea to final draft. It's by no means an unreasonable assumption.

What would you write about that hasn't been covered a million times already? (Not that this seems to stop a good writer!)

Is there a niche that is not particularly well catered for?

Well actually, YES - it's a genre all its own. And it's often referred to, by those in the know, as Mind Body and Spirit, sometimes also called New Age.

But, I hear you ask, how would I start writing for this comparatively virgin market? How would I know what to say? And how to say it?

Clearly, by getting the best advice from someone who's been there and done that with great success.

Enter Florence Ellen

Florence is the multi-published author of Decoding the Parable of Dreams. She is a Certified Recreation Therapist and Metaphysical Dream Counselor. Not only that she's a brilliant writing tutor!

Yes, Florence has a keen interest in all things esoteric - but is grounded enough to be in the ideal position to show you, step by step, how to research and write an excellent self help book. Not only that, she can also show you how it can be a profound personal journey for you, the writer.

The Easy Way to Write for the
Mind Body and Spirit Market

by Florence Ellen

In her brand new ebook, Florence Ellen outlines exactly how to go about impressing a mainstream self help publisher enough to get published!

The good news? It's a process - one that you can literally carbon copy to get deals and even advances for books you haven't written yet!

By drawing on her immense personal experience, Florence shows how a good proposal is worth its weight in gold - especially if it's targeted right.

But not only do you get all the info on how to write, research and pitch a highly sellable MBS book, you get an additional bonus ebook of 42 target markets of real world publishers, agents and organizations that are hungry for these kinds of books, ideas and completed manuscripts.

Here's a quick overview of what Florence can help you with:

* Visualizing your Book to Completion

* This Business of Spiritual Writing

* How to Be an Expert in Your Field

* How To Write What You Believe - Without Alienating Your Readers

* Simplifying the Complex

* Melding Wisdom with Wherewithal

* Intuition and the Brain Storming Process.

* Manifesting Your Manuscript

* Gurus and Avatars With Business Cards (The Karma of Contracts)

* 11 Success Secrets For Marketing Your Book

* Other Special Resources for the Spiritual Writer

* And much, much more - really! 200 pages really!

This is a very special opportunity to purchase something previously unheard of - a self help book about the business of self help that shows you how you can grow and learn as a person AND write and profit from the whole experience.

This book is a spiritual journey as well as a manual for writing success.

And all for just $27!

Go for it! Click here:

The Easy Way to Write for the
Mind Body and Spirit Market
by Florence Ellen

Best regards and keep writing!

Rob Parnell
Your Success is My Concern
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"Rob Parnell is the foremost writing guru in the world." Vin Smith, Midnight Bookworm.


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