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  xxHow to Write a GREAT Children's Book

xxby Robyn Opie - Author of 86 Published Books

xxNow available as a (signed) paperback book

xxThis very special book will be shipped right to your
xxdoor - right now - wherever in the world you live!

"New and Updated for 2010 - Now
Can Uncover the Secrets to
Writing a GREAT Children's Book -
from a
Professional Bestselling Author!"

Robyn Opie is the proud author of more than EIGHTY SIX children's books - with
SIX more due out this year. Now Robyn is a screenwriter of TWO screenplays based
on her books in development with a big time movie producer!


It’s Official! "Children’s Writing is Recession Proof."

BookScan, a division of Neilson Research, has recently announced that despite the
worldwide economic downturn, the sales of children’s books defied logic – and
actually increased by 6.2% during 2008-2009. Plus, in the face of massive
layoffs and downsizing in the publishing industry, children’s book departments
remain UNCHANGED as we head further into the future…

Now, more than ever, it's your chance to design a
fabulous dream life, working from home, writing children’s books for a living!

PLUS: You'll be helping Children, Animals and
the Environment TOO!
(see details below)

Important message from Robyn Opie, multi-published bestselling children's author.

Dear Friend,

Many people think that writing children's books is easy. Well, it is - once you know how.

That's the important bit - once you know how.

Publishers and agents receive thousands of manuscripts every year - some every week. And many
publishers and agents complain bitterly that 99% of these submissions are unpublishable.


It's simple.

99% of would-be children's writers have no idea what they're doing. They simply haven't
taken the time to learn about writing children's books!

Let's face it, you wouldn't try to fly a jumbo jet without first taking flying lessons. So why do so
many people think they can write a children's book without first learning how?

Now, this is good news for you, my friend.

Because now you can learn how to write a great children's book. The information is right here.
Everything you need to know

Everyone assumes that writing children’s books is so easy, they don’t listen to good advice!

So what’s the secret? It’s actually blindingly obvious:

In order to get your children’s book published, you MUST give children’s publishers EXACTLY what
they want. And, more good news, they are screaming out for good children's books. As I mentioned
above, 99% of what they receive is unpublishable.

You can be in that 1% that is publishable - once you know how.

I used to be in the 99%

Like many people first starting out, I believed that you simply sat down and wrote a
children's book.

I didn't know that there were different types of children's books for different age groups.

I didn't know that there were restrictions within these categories.

I didn't know what made a good children's book.

I didn't know what to do to improve my chances of being published.

I do now. I have more than 86 published titles! And an upcoming movie based on one of my
books – plus another film in development.

You, my friend, don't need to spend many years learning about writing children's books. I have
done the work for you.
And I'm happy to share my knowledge with you.

In my time, I have garnered the many secrets that will help you produce a children's book in days.

Follow my advice and you too, can soon be a children's author and live a great lifestyle...just like me.

Becoming a children's author is the best decision I ever made!

"My teaching is 100% specifically designed to help you
turn your writing 'dreams' into a publishing reality!"

This comprehensive resource will show you my secrets when it comes to:

led_circle_black.jpg What you need to consider before you start writing your book

led_circle_black.jpg All the different types of children's books

led_circle_black.jpg Why children's fiction is different from other fiction

led_circle_black.jpg What is important in children's fiction

led_circle_black.jpg How to create believable characters

led_circle_black.jpg How to write realistic dialogue

led_circle_black.jpg How to ensure your reader is 'hooked' after the first page

led_circle_black.jpg How to show your reader instead of telling them

led_circle_black.jpg Plotting and creating your book

led_circle_black.jpg Editing and polishing your work to a professional standard

led_circle_black.jpg The most common problems novice writers face

Purchase the signed REAL BOOK version here for $27.95:
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The paperback version will be delivered direct to your door - wherever you
are in the world + "The Pony Game" - one of Robyn's bestselling books, FREE!

And that's not all!

Once your book is written, you'll want to know where to go next. I've also
included up to the minute information on:

led_circle_black.jpg Formatting your manuscript

led_circle_black.jpg Researching the marketplace

led_circle_black.jpg Preparing your submission

led_circle_black.jpg Submitting your book to royalty paying publishers

led_circle_black.jpg Resources and courses

Here's what else you'll learn:

led_circle_black.jpg How to think your way to success

led_circle_black.jpg How to find the time to write every day

led_circle_black.jpg How to write what children want to read

led_circle_black.jpg What are the most important aspects of a children's book

led_circle_black.jpg Why logic is vital to all stories, even fantasy

led_circle_black.jpg How much description is necessary in a children's book

led_circle_black.jpg How to incorporate research material into your plot

led_circle_black.jpg The difference between trade and educational publishers

Including a five free gifts including How to Write Well for Children (And Adults) by Robyn Opie.


How would you like that a part of your purchase was to go to charities dedicated to
children, animals and the environment? I have a vision:


My Vision:

“To raise funds to support and protect children and their
interests, animals and the environment through the sale of my
writing resources

“Through my book sales, I aim to help writers learn and improve their
writing skills. By helping writers, I can also fulfill a greater vision. That is to support and
protect children and their interests, animals and the
environment. My vision is to donate $5 from the sale of every book
to a number of charitable organizations, including: United Nations
Children’s Fund (UNICEF) World Wildlife Fund (WWF),
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and others.”

ACT NOW to receive your key to Writing Children’s Books for a living – AND
help protect the interests of children, animals and the environment.

Purchase the PAPERBACK version here for $27.95:
(Also receive a special free gift with your purchase)

URGENT: This offer will expire midnight,

Happy Writing!

Robyn Opie

PS: Can you afford to spend the next three or four years learning everything you can about
writing for children?

Can you face submitting manuscripts to publishers only to receive standard rejection letters?

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by reading my book and learning from my

Everything you need to know about writing children's books is
only a click away!

What are you waiting for?

Order this wonderful book now and watch your dreams turn into reality!