CCCupid's Evil Twin & The Coward

bbbby William Dean Ford

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vvv(Contains occasional strong language and mild sexual references)

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In a nutshell, this book contains various stories and musings, mostly in rhyme, sometimes in song form… some
comical, some sweet, some sour, some reflective and some rather emotionally brutal. Many of the pieces have
been performed in front of audiences. The title refers to the two pieces that have received the best responses.

Cupid’s Evil Twin is a story poem presented in five ‘episodes’. It was originally written to create a sense of
cohesion to my half of a performance poetry show. Ever the pragmatist, my idea was that if it grabbed
people in the way I hoped it would, they’d at least stay to hear the end of the narrative piece, the
episodes of which opened, closed and punctuated my set. Thankfully this worked.

In keeping with that line of reasoning, the Cupid’s Evil Twin section of the book uses the piece as a ‘framing
device’ in the same way. So, even in the written form, I have structured things as though putting on a show.

Cupid’s Evil Twin arose from a ‘what if…’ question. The love in the world (on a personal and more general
level) is often celebrated as being the result of Cupid’s arrows. What if the more negative emotions people
experience were the consequence of some other ‘magical’ figure, one who went around seeking to torture
lonely hearts and spread cynicism?

There is some lighter material between the ‘episodes’ and there is light at the end of the tunnel for the
two people who are preyed on by Cupid’s Evil Twin. But there is no light waiting for The Coward

An unnamed narrator, sentenced to be shot after running from a battle, writes down his thoughts during
the last night of his life. Over the course of the night, the full realisation of how little he is worth to King
and Country during the First World War dawns on him.

The tone of The Coward is as bleak as may be expected of a piece telling the story of a soldier waiting
to be shot by his own side after only being in France for ten days.

Because of that, the collection ends with Scroll Down, which takes a ‘manic’ and scattergun approach to
structure, rhythm and rhyme, and features a running gag that engages directly with the idea that it is
being read on electronic media.

What is meant to be taken seriously in the book was approached with total seriousness. A piece like
Scroll Down was approached with abandon. Attempting to sum up Cupid’s Evil Twin and The Coward
succinctly after intentionally aiming to create a range of emotional responses to its contents was
approached with fear and dread.

About the Author



After being short-listed in a BBC script writing competition
William Dean Ford continued to pursue writing. The last ten
years have seen him…

* Helping devise a play with Forum Theatre group
Streetwhys and acting in it during a ‘tour’ of more than two
dozen schools in Cardiff, South Wales

* Attending a comedy writing course run by poet/playwright/
performer/educator Susan Richardson, which helped set him
on the road to subsequently being part of the writing team
for short-lived HTV Wales sketch comedy show Crunch

* Representing Cardiff at an ‘inter-city’ poetry slam held in Bristol during the build up to the selection
of the 2008 UK City of Culture. William teamed up with Susan Richardson for this event (at her
request after he contributed to her City of Culture project The Great Cardiff Poem and performing
at its launch event).

* Taking part in more poetry slams and poetry reading events, through these experimenting with
his delivery, including acapella singing for Father of the Bride which saw him being chased around
the performance area by Adam Foreman, at that time wielding an imaginary chainsaw (as part of
his role in playing all the disapproving and potential future disapproving father-in-law characters
referred to in the piece).

* Joining Progress Cymru theatre group (Cardiff) and directing the play Who is John Doe? by Fritz
O’Skennick (then subsequently taking the cover photo for the novella version of the play).

* Forming Dojo with Fritz and Adam Foreman after Progress Cymru came to an end, so that
collaborative projects could continue in parallel with individual projects.

* Writing in various forms, including the first joint Dojo piece Smells Like Christmas Spirit with
Adam and Fritz; various scripts for potential short films; short stories for a ‘collection in progress’;
notes for a supernaturally themed film script and occasional jottings for a ridiculous (in a good
way) novel called The Wit and Wisdom of Wan Doom Fook.

* Spending a couple of years contributing book and music reviews on a monthly basis to Cardiff’s
Buzz magazine. As a reliable contributor, William was occasionally asked to assist with writing
features. This sometimes involved interviewing featured artists, including award winning horror
writer Tim Lebbon and comedy production company Zeitgeist (via whom he made the contacts
that led to the chance to wrote for the aforementioned Crunch).

Cupid’s Evil Twin and The Coward is William’s first published collection. He is single, lives in Cardiff
and wants to thank you for your support, if you are someone who has ever done anything, big or
small, to help him in his ‘struggle’ so far.

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