Last Will & Testament
- a Novel

by Patricia Plummer

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This sweeping generational saga begins in 1890 and reaches its climax on the
eve of the 1939 war.

The Stirling homestead, seat of the mighty Grey Dynasty, dominates the district
of Yarrum, a border town on the banks of the river Murray. Alexandra and her mother, Jane, are women of
propriety and power. They must preserve the dignity of the Grey name, even to the grave. But Stirling has
a secret.

Jim Grey, scorned brother of Alexandra, yearns for control of Stirling. He will do anything he can to blacken
the reputation of his sister’s family, and claim back the inheritance he believes is rightly his.

So begins a story that will take you back to a bygone era. A myriad of characters, places and events that
bring to life the mores and conventions of these early Australian settlers.

Experience the life of the town, its people and their interweaving lives, their stresses and strains, their
grand shows and annual balls, their successes and their tragedies.

Against this backdrop emerges the story of one man’s faltering quest for independence and maturity.
Scott Roberts, the bastard son of Harry Grey, is the secret - although, even he doesn’t yet know it.

About the Author

Patricia was born and brought up on the land. The River Murray runs through her veins.
She is the eldest of four children. Her father was badly wounded in the 1914-18 War.
She attended school during the great depression and now lives in the Adelaide Hills in her
home of fifty nine years. She has three daughters and is a great grandmother. She is a
keen gardener, paints, embroiders and takes piano lessons once a week.

Patricia is on the Blackwood Legacy Committee Club and helps her daughter, Alexandra,
also a writer and poet, raise money for the Diabetic Association.

She says, “I have this great desire to write about the early days in Australia and the
struggles before the good times. I have travelled widely overseas and extensively within
Australia. I have many stories I could tell. But it is the years between the wars and
people’s lives then, their sagas relating to property, estates and wills in and around the
Murray Basin which I feel must be told, and never lost.

“At eighty three, this is my first foray into the publishing world.”

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