Time For Us

by Pat McCain

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About the Book

Ellen Taylor’s husband, Joe, just cheated for the last time. Throwing his
belongings in boxes and bags, she vows her first stop will be at the
office of Attorney-at-Law, Warren Hansen.

Warren, going through a messy divorce himself, can’t help admiring Ellen’s
poise under fire. It doesn’t take long for mutual admiration of attorney
and client to become love.

Cautious though they are, Carla Hansen uses the growing attraction in an attempt to enrich her alimony
settlement. When Warren discovers her strangled with her own belt he loosens the belt then calls the
local sheriff. The only clues are his prints and other smudged prints on the belt and having no witnesses
to his whereabouts for the day, he becomes the prime suspect.

Found guilty of manslaughter, Warren in sentenced to ten years in a medium security facility. He tells Ellen to forget
about him and make a life for herself. She refuses to do this and joins family and friends in a crusade to find the killer
and free Warren.

Her future in tatters, Ellen opens a secretarial and bookkeeping service. She does well, but her life is still barren until
a strange woman walks into her office. Strange, until she looks into Ellen’s face with identical blue-violet eyes and
the same red hair. The mother who had deserted her when she was seven years old...

About the Author

Pat McCain is a native of western Colorado and has been writing for eighteen years. She says
she had never had a desire to write until a visit to the Scottish Highlands brought about a new
outlook. The vivid impressions and thoughts left by a few short days in the highlands as well
as some strong urging from something unknown led to her first book, New Beginnings.

This book had a long wait for publication. In the mean time, Pat wrote and published Willow
Creek Winter and Time For Us. She has a sequel to New Beginnings in the works as well as
two screenplays completed.

When not writing, she enjoys reading, gardening, family and travel.

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