How to Grow Practically Free Produce!

by Neridah Kentwell

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Living in the country on a hobby farm in the Hunter Valley with
my husband and a million animals (or so it seems sometimes), life is
never quiet. If it’s not the roosters crowing at all hours it’s the goats
breaking into the vegetable patch, yet again. But I wouldn’t have it
any other way.

I worked for many years as a horticulturalist, in which I became the herb ‘expert’ after training to become a
medical herbalist, as I then understood both aspects well – the growing and usage.

After turning the big 50, I was drawn to learning how to write, particularly in the areas of local history
connecting to people history and historic fiction, and also work as a freelance journalist in the
agricultural field.

As a mother of two, grandmother of six, and a pseudo mother to ten cats, I have satisfied my maternal
instinct well and it’s now time for other endeavors.

I’ve started doing friend’s and relative’s family trees, as I can see what a difference it can make to their
lives. I also want to encourage people generally to write their autobiography or memoir; this is
because I personally know how wonderful it is to have a loved one’s written words, as well as those from
unmet ancestors. I have a website just for this purpose at

As I often feel I don’t express myself verbally as well as I could, there is nothing like writing to allow the
time to really think things through before getting them out for all to see. You just have to remember to
sleep on every project before sending them off!

About the Author

I have had a number of magazine articles published. These are on subjects such as
local historic pioneers, in periodicals such as the Breathe Hunter Style magazine,
situated in the Hunter Valley.

I’ve also had published a number of features on wine subjects and some of the
people involved in the wine industry.

Other published article subjects include food and animal essays, and various
agricultural essays in the national publication Town and Country Farmer.

I love writing children’s books and have written a number of fictional ones, mostly about and
inspired by animals, but there has been no interest shown in them so far. I have also produced
a few non fiction ones for children.

I have nearly finished an historic young teens’ novel ‘Currency Kate’ and I am in the early
stages of planning an adult historic novel I have been thinking about for years.

My writing can be spasmodic at times but I am committed to being a writer on the whole. Writing is
still such a passion with me and I would truly love to make a real difference to people’s lives with
my words.

How to Grow Practically Free Produce!
Neridah Kentwell

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