The Practical Formula for Article Writing

by Ismael M Akango

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"Discover the easiest and most profitable
way to write and submit articles to
magazines for publication."


Ismael M Akango is a freelance writer with a unique perspective.

Many writers believe that it is not possible to make a living writing articles unless you live in the US, Britain or
Australia - simply because that's where the English speaking magazine markets are.

Ismael disproves that theory once and for all. Based in Africa, and writing in English, he has sold magazine
articles and short stories all over the world - and made lots of money doing it.

In simple language, Ismael explains the secret to his success in his latest book: The Practical Formula for
Article Writing.
Learn from his success - and start a lucrative career for yourself writing articles for magazines.

Contents of the Book:

PART ONE: Preparing your Manuscripts.

Lesson 1.1: Introduction.

Lesson 1.2: Finding Markets.

Lesson 1.3: Going Professional.

Lesson 1.3a: Writing a Good Query Letter.

Lesson 1.3b: Writing a Good Outline/Synopsis.

Lesson 1.4: Writing the Main Article.

Lesson 1.4a: Style.

Lesson: 1.4b: Formatting.

Lesson 1.5: Revising your Work.

Lesson 1.6: Submitting your Work.

PART TWO: Specializing.

Lesson 2.1: Writing Reviews.

Lesson 2.1a: Reviewing Movies/Computer Games/CDs.

Lesson 2.1 b: Book Reviews.

Lesson 2.1 c: Reviewing Stage Shows.

Lesson 2.1 d: Reviewing Cars.

Lesson 2.2: Writing for Children & Teenagers.

Lesson 2.3: Writing for Women and Men.

Lesson 2.3a: Triumph over Tragedy Stories.

Lesson 2.3b: Writing Confessional Stories.

Lesson 2.4: Writing for the Trade Press.

Lesson 2.5: Writing for Travel Magazines.

Lesson 2.6: Writing Religious & Inspirational Stories.

Lesson 2.7: Writing Humorous Articles.

Lesson 2.8: Writing General Interest Articles.

Lesson 2.9: Writing Reader Letters/Fillers.

PART THREE: Markets.


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