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Please Note: Magellan Books is currently closed for submissions.

Important message from Rob Parnell, internationally renowned writing guru and
founder of
The Easy Way to Write, The Writing Academy and Magellan Books.

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the Next Generation of Publishing.

I fervently believe that the future of author publishing is digital. The evidence is all around us. The phenomenal rise in Kindle sales, the popularity of the ebook reader iPad, not to mention the riches sparked from the e-book revolution, are all testament to the fact that if we writers want to prosper, we have to embrace the Internet as part of our long-term career strategy and a bona fide publishing solution.

I know that for the average writer, publishing online is not always a simple option. But when you leave it to Magellan, it is.

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There's no catches, no contracts and no hidden charges. We will simply do
everything in our power to help you become a real paid author - now!
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Your writer's friend,

Rob Parnell
Magellan Books

PS: we accept any kind of manuscript: fiction, poetry, non-fiction, children's books,
short story compilations, autobiography, screenplays, self-help, motivation, anything
you'd like to sell in digital print. So what are you waiting for?

Do this now and watch your dreams turn into reality!

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