Accelerated Goal Manifestation
- A Genuine Mind Miracle

by Ian Randall

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"Inspiring–simple and direct,
practical and profitable. Read it!
(Dr. Joe Vitale #1 Best-Selling Author
“Spiritual Marketing” and contributor to “The Secret”)

Ian Randall says:

“Give Me Just 7 Minutes
And I’ll Help You Experience
A Genuine Mind Miracle”

Dear Success Seeker,

Everybody loves talking about the ‘power of the mind’. But, be honest with me…

Has anybody ever given you 24 carat, 100% proof of this elusive power?

AGM (Accelerated Goal Manifestation) is already regarded as being one of the most amazing
contributions to the field of personal development. In fact, AGM boasts testimonials from
one of the main contributors to ‘The Secret’, number one best-selling author Dr. Joe Vitale!

I wrote AGM in an attempt to clarify the many misconceptions bandied about in the
field of personal development and managed to write a book that combines both ancient
wisdom and modern physics – which, in fact, turn out to be the same thing!

This system includes the astonishing ‘Shaolin Monks’ Secret Mind Power Exercise’ that proves, in
approximately 7 minutes and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the mind really does have power!

"No other book I have bought did what yours did! You gave me back my hope
and the will to do it – be blessed for ever!
(K. Van Merlin)

And, never before revealed, the power of ‘4 Magic Words’. Nobody, and I really mean NOBODY
even knows this simple formula exists because I discovered it completely by accident and it has
been a faithful servant ever since!

"I am going to direct all my friends and family to your site, so they can
contribute and obtain copies as well. It’s sublime! Especially “The 4 Magic
Words” since yesterday my health is perfect and glorious.
(P.S. Parker)

Due to very personal reasons l genuinely want to make this system available to as many
people as possible.

It is a system that is simple, natural and logical. It will not require any unnatural effort on your
part and does not contravene anybody’s religious beliefs and you can use it anywhere at any
time you like – even in the middle of a crowded and noisy street!

Accelerated Goal Manifestation

Finances – You can have all the money and riches you desire. The only person that
can stop you – is you!

Health – Improve your health as if by magic. Get rid of all those aches and pains and look and
feel years younger. Who says there’s no such thing as a ‘Fountain of Youth’?

Relationships – Find that ideal partner you’ve been searching for all this time whether
romanticl or business. Successful relationships are paramount to a successful life.

Education – Learn new subjects at a stroke. Flatline your learning curve for any subject you
choose. This is super accelerated learning made at warp speed.

Career – Now you can have that job you’ve always dreamed of with the status and salary to
match. Nothing will stand in your way from now on.

Wisdom – King Solomon asked for only one thing – wisdom! And because of that he was
granted everything – now you can do the same!

Problem Solving – Solve problems like a genius and all in record time. Never again be
stumped by what seem like insurmountable problems. No problem will ever baffle you again
be they personal or financial.

Originality – Come up with new, original concepts and ideas overnight to promote your
business. Stop playing ‘follow the leader’ and get others to follow you for a change. I
personally came up with 16 original ideas for new products in 24 hours – that’s one new
idea every 90 minutes!

Mental Fitness – Use it or lose it! The more you rely on and use your creative powers
the stronger they will become. This is a very healthy snowball effect to unlimited success.

Self-confidence – Build and armor-plate your self-confidence and self-esteem. Nothing
will ever again make you doubt your inherent and natural creative abilities.

The list is endless and you can have them all. Anything and everything is at your command!

Are you ready for success? Real, tangible success?

"No more barriers. Plainly and elegantly, you’ll discover the
key to passing straight through every wall that’s ever
blocked you. You are shown a simple, direct path to your pool
of wisdom, where you’ll drink, then watch as your life
begins shifting, changing, transforming into a song of
beauty. You ARE ready, aren’t you?"
(Charles Burke, Best-Selling Author of “Command More Luck”)

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