The Mbuji Juju
- a Johnny Walker Adventure

by Gary W Towner

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Ardent feminist Harlow is a reporter for her daddy's newspaper, but her
amateurish delving into sensitive African police issues has gotten her in
Dutch with the authorities. She needs to leave town in a gusty hurry.

The gullible, often funny, Harlow meets Johnny Walker in her quest, but mistakes his pet Lioness, Simba,
for a dangerous threat when Walker makes her the brunt of an animated prank.

Harlow accidentally disrupts a diamond cutter, ruining his illegal work, and his two cohorts go after her
with fire in their eyes and from their guns. Walker interrupts the chase and he gives Harlow a juju bag
telling her it's for protection, but it smells like rotten fish.

Walker goes through the diamond cutter's things looking for the source of the diamond shards sprinkled on
the ground near the body, and he is hastily accused of murder.

Rather than argue, he dives out the window taking the reluctant Harlow with him.

The two strike up a shaky alliance...

About the Author

Gary W Towner writes full time. The Mbuji Juju is the first in a quartet of Johnny Walker adventure novels.

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