Every Creature Under the Sun

by Eric 'Doc' Mendel.

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About the Author

As an almost only child, Eric grew up on a farm in rural upstate New York. This upbringing kindled his love for
animals and also a feeling of kinship with country folk. After a checkered schooling, he went on to matriculate at
Cornell University graduating from the Veterinary school sometime after the age of dinosaurs. He opened a
country practice where he became known to his clients as “Doc” who never refused treatment for any needy
creature. There he remained in practice for thirty five years accumulating friendships and a myriad of unusual
experiences. When ill health forced his retirement, he moved to California to be near his four children and eight
grandchildren. Family gatherings almost always stirred up recollections of everyone's favorite stories and, with
the urging of his children and wife Joyce, Doc began his writing career. As it turns out, Doc’s writings are not so
much about unusual and exotic patients, as they are about human nature as illustrated by the quirks and
foibles of their owners.

Contents of the Book:

EVERY CREATURE UNDER THE SUN is an episodic narrative told by DOC, a veterinarian practicing for almost forty
years in the village of GREENSIDE. The stories are based on real cases experienced by the author. A parade of
unusual patients, quirky owners, and eccentric GREENSIDE ANIMAL HOSPITAL staff make for a variety of hilarious
incidents. DUTCH MILLER, who runs a local abattoir, is constantly on the prowl for cheap cattle for his butcher
shop and tries to undermine Doc’s standing with the farmers at every turn. At last, Doc develops a scheme to rid
himself of Dutch and in the process asks his associate and protégé, DR. JIMMY TOLLIVER, to be a partner in the

Chapter 1: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. 

Doc, driving through the village of GREENSIDE on his way to an emergency call at HOMER FINCH’S farm is
stopped by his friend POLICE CHIEF LEO RASMUSSEN who gives him a ticket for speeding. Then Doc is nearly
run off the road by his antagonist DUTCH MILLER....

Chapter 2: The Case of the Tranquilized Tabby.

After the relaxing weekend, it’s back to work Monday morning. The animal hospital is invaded by WALLY
HENDRICKS, the animal control officer, eager to show off his new tranquilizer gun. The bumbling Wally
raises havoc...

Chapter 3:The Case of the Vanishing Vittles

Food and drink mysteriously disappear from the office refrigerator. Jimmy is the most upset and gets agitated
when SHIRLEY, the secretary, and MARCIA, the animal health technician, tease him about it...

Chapter 4:The Case of the Peevish Parrot

LULU HIMMELSTEIN has a problem with WINNIE, a magnificent Amazon parrot. Lulu thinks the bird is possessed
as it has suddenly become raucous and is spouting strange words....

Chapter 5: The Doppelganger

While dining out at Rita’s Lounge with his family one evening, Doc is approached by NIGEL THORNWOOD, a dude
looking for a new vet to perform surgery on his aging horse STUDS....

Chapter 6: Dueling Stethoscopes.

Doc and Jimmy decide to stop in at the local pub before calling it a day. Among the patrons are Dutch Miller and
his band of cronies. When they start to heckle and badger him, Doc invents a contest pitting Dutch and his
stethoscope against himself and his own stethoscope....

Chapter 7: The Case of the Troublesome Turtle

A college professor rescues a turtle and keeps it as a pet. In this instance Doc becomes the educator. The owner
notices a strange looking protrusion in its private area...

Chapter 8: A Case of Doing What Comes Naturally.

A highly excitable client new to dog ownership drops her pet poodle into Shirley’s lap, screams “prostitute,” and
runs off...

Chapter 9: A Case of Voice Recognition.

The day begins with knee surgery on BUSTER a farm dog heavily bonded with its owner. When Shirley gets sick,
Doc volunteers to answer the phone. The first caller, stuttering badly, says he has one cow dead and one cow
dying but forgets to leave his name...

Chapter 10: The Puppy Machine.

Late one stormy afternoon, Doc driving through town on the way back to the office from a day in the field is
called by Shirley on the mobile phone. A MR. STEWART has an emergency with a Great Dane...

Chapter 11: The Case of the Animal Hoarder.

Doc responds to a call from CARRIE WINTERS, a feisty old woman relegated to a wheelchair who lives with a
multitude of cats and small dogs in her small hilltop cottage...

Chapter 12: Hildegard’s Legacy.

Doc euthanatizes a terminally ill feline and is asked by the owners, LIZ AND HORACE BEACH, to give advice on
getting a new pet...

Chapter 13: TB or Not TB.

Doc and Jimmy trace an epidemic of coughing among youngstock throughout the county to Dutch Miller’s
unscrupulous activities...

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