A Horse Cover & Other Short Stories

by Don McLennan

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Magellan Books is proud to host Don McLennan's delightful collection of
new short stories. This is the first in a planned four book odyssey into rural
life in New Zealand and beyond. Don is a prolific and talented author.

About the Author

Born in 1941, in Taumarunui, New Zealand, to a railway family, Don McLennan grew up and lived in New Zealand
until 1985 when he accepted a job offer in Australia. He was forced into an early retirement in 1994 when
diagnosed with life-threatening cancer.

Following major surgery, which was successful, he was asked by his two adult children to write about his life with
reference to his own father, whom they never knew. As a result, his book, ‘The Adventures of Young Mac:
A KIWI’S STORY,” slowly developed.

Married for 44 years, he and his wife, Janet, having lived in Australia for 22 years, returned to New Zealand in 2007,
and are now retired. He spends his spare time writing and developing a G-scale outdoor garden railway.

He has also written thirty short stories and several articles of general interest, including two articles on his
experiences with cancer. One of these articles has been published by an American on-line health magazine.

Don McLennan has been awarded certificates of attainment for successfully completing writing courses with
Thompson Education Direct and The Writing School, both in Australia.

Contents of the Book:

A Horse Cover

Annie Plumpton's Dilemma

High Risk

A Young Man's Pain

Where There's a Will...!

A Rough Diamond

A Wild Ride

Rough Landing

A Date With Destiny

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