The Life Coach
- A Novel

by Charles Ekram Esteban Danzai-Roenning

Now available for immediate download (see link at base of page)

Rob Parnell says:

"This novel has been a labor of love for Charles for many years - and
has been part of our lives here at Magellan for most of that time. At
long last, we're very proud to release this pearl of a story to you.

"In The Life Coach, Charles has managed to capture the spirit of our
age. Set in Chiana, on Crete, the book is populated with unforgettable,
haunting characters surrounding Jay, a modern day Odysseus seeking
enlightenment and fulfillment in a world without apparent purpose.
This book will delight, amuse and move you like no other."

Synopsis of The Life Coach

My novel is about a life coach being stuck with himself. He has lost his grip and cannot find his way back to
what he pictures himself to be. He has become a stranger to himself, but, as he grows older, cannot find out
how to redeem himself. Jay Storm has a condition that holds him back, both physically and psychologically.
To put it mildly; he is confused.

One morning he is confronted with a child’s voice challenging him to stop despairing and venture on a journey -
to better understand himself, his life's purpose and the potential for transition into other realms of being.

Author’s Bio:

A Norwegian by birth, Charles has stayed more abroad than in his homeland. Travelling and exploring has always
been at the top of his agenda. And, like Coelho and Castaneda before him, Charles has also been on a spiritual
quest to comprehend the great mysteries of life.

Currently he lives in Khon Kaen, Thailand and is married to a beautiful and wise Thai woman.

He has had many professions, but now at sixty three, he has been working as a life coach. In case you're
wondering, he is fluent in English, which he now considers his first language.

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