Death by Email

by Carol Hadley

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Magellan Gold Edition*

The editors at Magellan have nothing but praise for this ultra-modern
thriller. You too, will want to tell your friends all about Death by Email!

Written with classy assurance, this book grabs you by the lapels
and doesn't let go until its deadly, gripping climax.



Mia Ingalls is an artist. She’s also a wannabe writer - with attitude.

During the course of her excursions on the Internet with a second-hand
computer, she discovers chat rooms. Mia meets another writer online, and just
for fun, they decide not to share their personal information with each
other. During their daily chats, they form an unusual bond over a writing
challenge they call a plot machine.

Her ‘Net friend suggests they publish the resulting challenge stories. A
publisher likes the idea and buys their book. The authors will meet for
the first time-- in public when their book is released. The publicity of
strangers co-authoring short stories should sell a lot of books.

But all is not fun and games for Mia and her mysterious friend. Someone
hacks into her computer and steals the idea for her mystery novel. The
hacker attempts to kill two people using Mia’s poisoned bullet idea.

One of the victims; Mia’s obnoxious boss survives, but the other, his
fiancÚ doesn’t.

Mia is accused of the murder by a detective who doesn’t seem to be looking at anyone else for the crime...

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