The Campbell Odyssey

by Bruce Cooke

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When Rory Campbell is sent to New South Wales to relieve the
shame he has brought on his family, he meets and falls in love
with the beautiful Elizabeth Ballentine. Trouble is, Elizabeth has
married a rich, honourable man in a deal to save her family's
estate and is resolved to uphold her end of the bargain. 

It takes tragedy for them to face up to their obligations before finding true happiness.

This is a story of love and longing, of moral obligation and selflessness. It is set against the landscape of
early Australia and embraces both Sydney and the magnificent Murray River in the 1850’s where rural
trade out of Echuca was at its peak. The story conjures up images of a raw young developing nation
where desperate ex-convicts resort to kidnapping and highway robbery to survive. In spite of this,
class distinction and family background are meaningless in the face of honest hard work and the drive to
make the most of a fresh start.“The Campbell Odyssey” is the life changing journey of Rory Campbell from
frivolous young rake to a mature and compassionate pioneer of the sheep industry in early Australia.

About the Author

I’ve been writing now for nineteen years and have seventeen book contracts. Thirteen of them have been published - two
as e-books only. I’ve also had three short stories published with Eternal Press.  Since I lost my beautiful wife three years
ago I live alone with Bailey, my five year old Golden Labrador. All he wants is affection so I don’t have a chance to do as
much writing as I want. I also wrote the initial script for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe that toured all the Capital
cities of Australia a few years ago. I’m now writing some film scripts based on my books. I have several of my books
now on sale in Shepparton but would like to have them available all over Australia. You never know.

My publishers and books are listed below.

Eternal Press:  Jungle Heat-  An Australian Soldier has to escort a nurse across the Owen Stanley Ranges to escape the
Japanese. He finds love but is afraid his secret will be revealed.

                       Friendly Enemies-  An Australian and a German soldier meet on the battlefield where one saves the other’s
life. They meet after the war and combine to defeat a mutual enemy.

                       Meeting at Princes Bridge-  Three girls, friends for life meet regularly on Princes Bridge but when the
war begins, one makes a terrible mistake that threatens to tear their friendship apart

                       Trace Elements- A man discovers a way to stop the crown of thorns starfish from destroying the Great
Barrier reef, but someone wants him dead.  It’s murder, tragedy, deceit and love.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvAppleton's Run - A young man escapes killers who want him dead so they can take over his father's run. 
But first he has to escape a hired killer and make a fortune in Ballarat before he can find justice.

Short Stories    Top Secret-  A girl thinks her lover is a German spy just before the D-Day landings.

                         Vietnam Holiday-  An American nurse and an Australian soldier fight their way through the jungle to
elude the Viet Cong but find love in the process.

                         Journey To Tobruk-  A nuse hitches a ride to Tobruk with a captain to catch a hospital ship about to
leave but they run into Germans and find an ancient tomb. Also love.

Whiskey Creek Press:  Love in the Afternoon- Two people in their fifties fall in love but one of the families wants it
stopped.  *This book received a five star review.

vvvvvvvvvvvvvReluctant Betrayal:  A young woman is forced into participating in an armed holdup to save her family.
When she learns she is expendable she steals the loot and is chased by a killer through the beautiful country of Lake
Eildon.  She fights for survival and tried to return to her husband and children.

                      Twisted Sanction: Here’s the plan. If he can assassinate the upper hierarchy of ASIO,  replace them with
his own men and then talk the Australian Government into dealing with a West Cordonia butcher he will make millions. 
All he needs is a patsy. Plant evidence then eliminate him. He selects Blake Kent but things are not going well when
Blake survives the killers and with ace reporter Megan masters, they set out to prove his innocence and bring the
crooks to justice.

Swimming Kangaroo:  The Pursuit of Mary McBride-  A woman is transported from England to the female factory in
Parramatta.  She becomes pregnant and is forced to marry an ex convict who constantly rapes and beats her. When he
rapes her daughter then sells her to a passing settler in marriage she poisons her husband and is off to get back her
only reason for living.

                        The Irish Retribution-  A girl who is estranged from her father discovers he killed her mother and
is hell bent on revenge.  The story takes us though Ireland, Vietnam and Bosnia before the truth is revealed.

Desert Breeze: Stranger in Harpoon Bay - A man is washed up on rocks without a memory and uses amazing skills to
rectify an ailing economy. He falls for a pretty nurse but then finds he is a wanted man , a murderer and a drug runner.
Now he must learn the truth before he can face a future with his newfound love.

                         Deception:  Ally McIvor is desperate to show her skills as a homicide detective.  Her chance comes when
she offers to go undercover when drug runner Daniel Reilly comes to town but then falls hopelessly in love with him. Now
she faces uncertainty as many others could be involved in a multi million drug hall. Who does she trust?

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