Whorehouse Diary 1959-64

by Bob Clark

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It has been over half a century since a young boy from the suburbs of
New York entered Mexico and fell in with a happy herd of hookers who
treated him as a friend and confidant. The US Army trained BOB CLARK
to be a weather observer and sent him to a blazing hot post in the desert
north of Yuma, Arizona. At nineteen, he quickly found love and just as
quickly lost it in a room in the night clubs of San Luis, Rio Colorado,
Sonora, Mexico. The locals called it just plain San Luis and the Army boys called it San Town, but Bob
called it home.

Base camp in Mexico was the Chula Vista Night Club where he met SILVIA, a girl older than he was in years
and much older in experience. Under her wing, he met an entire city of prostitutes, strippers, club MCs,
bartenders, and pimps, all the people he had to know as he learned the ropes of the sex business. The
young boy who joined the Army to see the world discovered that his comfortable life at home with family
members was not the life others chose to live. The tawdry industry of renting women involved violence,
degradation, and ugliness. At times, it let the love light shine through, but often ended in heartbreak as
players on his red light zone world stage entered and exited.

When it came time for his exit, it was upon him in a flash, though the event replays in the video recorder
of his mind to this day. Whorehouse Diary doesn’t end with his departure because he went back years
later and it wasn’t pretty.

About the Author

Bob Clark started writing professionally when he became a radio personality, producing thousands of
30-60 second commercial advertisements. Many of those were tiny stories whose duty was to sell a
service or product.

Bob lived and worked in the east, west, north and south of the US as well as Mexico and Puerto Rico.
After nearly five dedicated decades as a DJ, talk show host, and TV news anchor, he retired to a less
frenetic life near the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas where he began to use his creative talents in a
new way. He started to write short stories, novels and a memoir about his early life deep in the
sordid underbelly south of the Mexican border. His short stories have been published in three anthologies.

Bob is presently enjoying his last great adventure by living a life of complete anonymity with his new
bride in a town midst the rice paddies of Bataan in the Philippines.

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