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About Ferdinand Magellan

Fernando de Magallanes was the first man to captain a circumnavigation
of the world - thereby finally proving the world was indeed, round. Though
this Portuguese pioneer never actually completed the journey - he was
killed in the Philippines in 1521 - he was the first explorer to cross all four
meridians of the globe.

Magellan, to us, is the first truly global citizen - a precurser of the modern
age where we take global communication like the Internet for granted. As a
follower in the footsteps of Magellan, we hope that our publishing venture
will remove barriers and prejudices to pioneering writers like yourself.

Let's take on the publishing world - and change it forever.

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PS: we accept any kind of manuscript: fiction, poetry, non-fiction,
short story compilations, children's books, autobiography, screenplays,
anything you'd like to see and sell in digital print. So, what are you
waiting for?

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