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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: Magellan Books is currently closed for submissions

Tell me about Magellan Books

Magellan Books was established in 2003 as a partnership publishing company. In
our first year we co-published over 30 paperback books for authors from all
over the world.

We are currently concentrating our expertise in creating electronic books that we
produce free of charge to authors, for direct sale to customers via the Internet.

What does getting published by Magellan Books mean?

It means an ebook version (PDF) of your book manuscript will be available for
immediate sale to the world via the Internet. You will then receive royalties on
each sale - and the ability to promote you work, establish your credibility as an
author and develop a long term career as a professional, paid writer.

How do I get published by Magellan?

Please sign up below with your name and email address to instantly receive our

What can I publish with Magellan Books?

Anything you like: novels, poetry, short story compilations, autobiographies,
non-fiction, self help, screenplays, anything you'd like us to sell (as long it
belongs to you!)

Can I publish my children's picture book with Magellan?

After much consideration, we have decided not to publish any children's
picture books. Apologies if that is your genre.

Is there a minimum/maximum word/page limit to the books I can submit?

Not normally, although we will contact you if we think the submission is too short
or too long to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Do I get my own author page?

Yes. Magellan Books will supply you with your own author page and your own
URL, which will normally look like

You can use this URL to tell your family and friends that you have published your
ebook. You can also use the URL to promote your book on social networking sites
like Facebook, Yahoo and wherever else you feel is appropriate. Please note that
we do not condone spam. Anyone suspected of spamming potential customers
will be removed from our site immediately.

What can I put on my author page?

Your author page will include your book details, a Paypal 'Buy Now' link, your
author bio and usually a synopsis of your work. There is no limit to what you can
ask us to put on your page. You may include YouTube videos, free sample
downloads, reviews or testimonials and anything else you feel may enhance the
sales of your book(s).

Do I get a book cover?

Yes. Magellan Books will design a thumbnail book cover for you for free. You can
also supply us with your own cover if you'd prefer. We are happy to incorporate
any of your own graphics or photos into the free cover. You may use your
thumbnail for promotional purposes.

How long does it take to get published by Magellan Books?

Given the huge volume of submissions we receive, we can no longer give absolute
assurances as to how long it will take to publish your book. Please be patient -
we are working as fast as we can. And remember - our service is entirely FREE.

As an author, what royalties will I receive?

Authors receive 50% royalties on all copies of their work sold. This figure is a
percentage of net receipts. For example, if your ebook sells for $10US, PayPal
charges around 5% for the transaction, which means you receive around $4.75
for each book sold. With a traditional publisher you would be lucky to get $1 for
each book sold.

Do I have to sign an exclusive contract with Magellan Books?

No. You retain full copyright and all other rights to your work.

What if I already have an ebook with a different publisher?

Having your ebook with another publisher will not interfere with your relationship
with Magellan. We do not require that you sign a contract with us - so your work is
always available for you to publish anywhere you like.

However, if you sign a contract with another publisher then we often can't publish
your ebook - that publisher will usually forbid it.

Understand that we do not believe that these other online publishers
actually deserve nor even require rights to your work. But if that is what you want,
prefer, or need, then by all means follow up on other online publishers.

Remember that in the shark-filled online publishing world, some individuals use
exclusive contracts to force you into situations whereby you have to spend
money on editing, promotion, even publishing and distribution of your own work.

We don't do that.

Magellan is designed as an interim free solution for writers - to make money on sales
of their ebooks - without being under contract to anyone. We believe writers
should be free to sell their work without any 'artificial' or detrimental constraints.

The only time a writer should ever sign a contract with any publisher is if there
is an outright and unequivocal commitment to promote the book to the best
of the publisher's ability - and to the author's monetary benefit.

Will you help me promote my book for free?

Yes. As Magellan grows, we will be actively encourage you to get your author
page seen and show you simple, do-able tactics to increase your visibility
(and sales) as an author.

Do you edit and format my book for me?

Yes. We require your book in WORD or rtf format so that we can 'brand' it as
a Magellan Book. You may include color photos and illustrations if you want.
Magellan will endeavor to create the most professional looking ebook possible.
We do not charge you for editing and formatting your work.

Is there a limit to how many of my ebooks I can sell through you?

You can use Magellan as a platform from which to sell as many or as few
of your own books as you like.

What price will you charge for my ebook?

We believe the price for your ebook should be competitive with other digital
formats. The minimum price is set at $7. We think it advisable that you do not
charge more than $1 for every 10 pages of manuscript - and no more than
$27, whatever the length. Whilst we are flexible in this regard, we retain the
right to charge what we feel is fair, competitive and appropriate for your work.
Please note all prices are in US dollars.

Do you supply me with an ISBN?

It depends. International Standard Book Numbers are allocated to books on
sale in the real world, available in shops and libraries. For ebooks, this is not
strictly necessary. If you would like an ISBN or if you plan to release your
book in hardcopy or in paperback, we can supply you with an ISBN. We are
happy to use your own ISBN if you already have one for your book.

Will my ebook appear on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iPad databases?

Magellan Books operates independently of these suppliers. This may change
over time.

Is my ebook compatible with Kindle and iPad?

To the best of our knowledge, Magellan's PDF ebook format is compatible with
any computer, mobile and digital retrieval device (including MAC).

Can I still submit my book(s) to other publishers?

Yes. Unlike other online publishers we do not demand all rights to your work for
any period of time at all. You are free to seek other publishers for your work and
place it with other publishers at any time. Should you sign an exclusive contract
with another publisher or agent, let us know and we will remove your book from
sale immediately.

How often do I get paid?

After an initial 30 day's grace period after your first sale, during which we will
hold your royalties pending any refunds, you will be paid on a quarterly basis.

Do I need a paypal account?

Yes, you can only be paid royalties through a paypal account in US dollars.

What if I don't live in the US?

No problem. As long you have a Paypal account we can pay you in US dollars,
which PayPal will convert to your local currency.

I have an ebook on sale already, can I use Magellan to increase my
exposure on the Net?

Yes, as long as we can 'rebrand' your ebook as a Magellan Book. Contact us
if you have any queries about this.

If I publish an ebook does that mean traditional publishers won't touch
my work?

No, this is one of the great myths of the publishing world. Increasingly, many
books need to prove themselves online before agents and publishers will consider
them. You can use Magellan as a platform to seek reviews for your work that will
look good on your author bio.

I've published my ebook/book before. Can I still publish with Magellan?

Yes, as long as you retain all rights and no other publisher will claim to have those
rights, you may publish your book(s) with Magellan.

Will Magellan offer me a traditional publishing contract and get my books
into the shops?

It is our aim to grow and become a formidable force in the publishing industry,
including gaining distribution deals around the world. So yes, it is possible that your
association with Magellan will have long term benefits.

Do you ever refuse to publish a manuscript?

It's rare, but we do reserve the right to reject a manuscript if we feel that
decision is appropriate. We will usually give you a reason but, like all publishers,
we reserve the right not to offer one.

Can I ask you a question personally?

Yes. If you feel there's something we haven't covered above, please contact us

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