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Robyn Opie says: I did a
"writing for children"

course 9 years ago -

Now I have over 70
published children's books.

Three of my early children's books were written
during the "writing for children" course.
They were published in 2000.

How did I become a published writer?

By learning from an expert!

It wasn't just a case of studying the course notes.
No, the most important thing was the feedback
I received from my tutor, an experienced children's author. I submitted stories or chapters for homework and received great advice on how I could improve them and my writing skills. It was easy, once I knew how. And I was told how. I became a better writer - publishable - in a matter of weeks.

You can too!

And I'd like to help you.

Hi, I'm Robyn Opie, proud author of more than 70 children's books. At the moment I'm working on the screenplay of a movie, based on one of my books. The anticipated release of the movie is late 2009.

In the mean time, I take great pleasure in introducing:

Writing for Children - The Robyn Opie Masterclass

Course starts: Now!

Duration: 8 lessons to be completed within 12 months

Features: 8 in-depth lessons, assignments, one-to-one assistance, advice and guidance with me, in short: all the feedback and encouragement you require!

I want to take you step by step through the various facets of the genre. I promise you it will be a fun and exciting journey, with me as your tour guide, the course growing week by week until you have a truly thorough understanding of writing for children.

I love helping new writers. I feel like a proud parent when I launch a student's new book. It's the best feeling.

I'm passionate about children's books and writing - I want to share it with you. I'll teach you everything you need to know about writing children's books and getting published - everything I've learned over the years.

Here is a little feedback from my previous students:

I feel quite sad to be sending this lesson.  This is the end of the course.  I have enjoyed working with you a great deal.  Your help and guidance has been unbelievably helpful. I have loved taking the course and feel I have grown as a writer.  Wendy, Spain

I found all the lessons, feedback and articles incredibly insightful.
Your constructive feedback was extremely helpful too. You obviously put a lot of effort into going through the homework because your comments are very detailed. I can't thank you enough. I don't think I could have found such comprehensive information about writing for children anywhere else.
Lindee, South Australia

And here is the course in a nut-shell:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Writing for Children
Getting to know each other, setting goals, getting started,
style and mindset.

Lesson 2: Picture Books
Including inside ‘layout’ secrets, with examples, tips on character,
plot & POV. Conflict, obstacles etc.

Lesson 3: Developing Ideas and Plotting Children's Books
Finding ideas and developing them until you have a plot for a children's book.

Lesson 4: Easy Readers and Chapter Books
How to structure and pace short children’s stories based on what we’ve learnt.

Lesson 5: Junior Novels
Genre requirements, perfecting your craft, instilling crucial elements.

Lesson 6: Young Adult
Specific and advanced information to help you compete in this growing market.

Lesson 7: Submitting to Publishers
Made easy: getting the right manuscript on to the right desk
at the right time.

Lesson 8: Being an Author
What to do from day to day to stay ahead and in control of
your new career.

Click Here to Enroll Now!
Only $183 - Money Back Guarantee


You will also receive ‘student only’ downloads. This previously unavailable information will seriously enhance your learning experience.

Each module ends with an assignment or three. As this is an eight-lesson course, you’ll be receiving a lesson from me every week for eight weeks. However, I don’t mind if it takes you more than eight weeks to complete the course. I understand that you have a busy life. Tell me about it! I know that sometimes things can take a little longer than you imagine or desire. Don’t worry. We’ll work at a pace that suits you and your circumstances.  

EXTRA Bonus Items

"How to Write a Great Children's Book"

Previously sold for up to $47, this popular and fun ebook is included in the cost of the Writing for Children e-course. Not only is it packed with highly regarded information, it will help you gain a much fuller understanding of the genre.

"How to Write a Great Picture Book"

Worth $20, this great ebook will help you assimilate the course contents and show you how to use your newfound knowledge to best advantage.

A Student-Only E-Book of All My Articles

Worth up to $30 - if you could buy this valuable resource anywhere in the world. But you can't. It's just for you - my students. I've collated all of my articles into an e-book. Now you have a great way to keep all of my articles on writing and children's fiction so they're close at hand whenever you need them.

Deep Discounts on MS Assessment

At certain stages in our careers, it’s important to get professional feedback on our work. I, for one, always have my manuscripts professionally assessed before I submit them to publishers. As well as receiving my time and guidance throughout the length of the course, membership of this course also entitles you to a 35% discount on my usual MS assessment fees. This alone could save you $00s!

Active Children’s Markets

A list of active children's writing markets and publishers with website links to help you locate guidelines, contact details and other valuable information.

Remember the most important thing!

Nine years ago, I too completed a 'writing for children' course, just like this one. Back then, I was asked to write a picture book, an early reader and a chapter book for homework.

Three of those assignments went on to be published!


That’s why I know you can seriously benefit from taking my new course. Feedback is invaluable when it comes to writing, especially feedback from a professional writing in the industry today. Because, if it can happen to me then…

It could happen for you too.

Click Here to Enroll Now!
Only $183 - Money Back Guarantee

As a gesture of good faith, because I truly believe in this course and my ability as a tutor, I'm happy to offer you a money back guarantee. So you can sign-up now, with peace of mind, knowing that I will do everything possible to help you in your writing career.

I look forward to working with you and helping to make your dreams come true.

Happy writing!

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"Rob Parnell is the foremost writing guru in the world." Vin Smith, Midnight Bookworm.


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