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Working for a living can be hard - especially if you loathe your job. The sense of frustration and the feeling of wasting your life can be hugely dispiriting. To me it's sad that so many view work as though it were some kind of penance - that unhappiness is somehow part of the deal and that we shouldn't fight the system, or try to change things.

Many people - especially writers, artists and musicians - dream of being their own boss but don't know where to start. It's all very well coming up with an idea for self employment or starting a business but most times you need to ask yourself, Do I have enough commitment to make this work? Do I have enough passion for this to continue when the going gets tough?- as it usually does at some point.

I believe that knowing who you are - and knowing your overall purpose in life can help - before you take one step towards your goals. Because it's only by knowing yourself and what motivates you that you can begin to understand the type of work that will set you free.

So how can you discover your purpose in life - and quickly?

The following is a precis of a technique I discovered in a book called "What's Your Purpose" by David Jacobs, published by Hodder Mobius.

1. Imagine you're on a desert island

All of your basic needs are taken care of. There's limitless food, utilities, gas for your free car and there's no need for money. Oh, and there's also a few thousand other nice and law abiding people on the island with you - so you're never going to feel lonely or depressed ever again.

Now, what are you going to do?

It would be tempting to do nothing but sit in the sun and drink martinis for a while but what about after that? What would you do to fill your time? More especially, what could you do that might benefit your community?

Write down your answer, whatever it might be.

2. Imagine, after you've died, you're looking at your tombstone

What would you like to see written on it? It could be just one word like "Statesman" on something longer like "She made a difference". Whatever. Write down your answer.

3. Imagine you're in Heaven and reading through a "Book of Life". 

Next to everyone's name there is a 50 word description of their life. What would you like yours to say? Write down your answer.

4. Imagine Hollywood has made a movie out of your life 

- and they need one of those taglines to advertise it. What would it say?

It should be short and snappy like "Justice has a new hero" or "She rocks", something that sounds like a slogan.

Write down your answer.

5. This is a good one. Imagine you have a one minute slot on a microphone that everyone in the world will hear. What would you say?

Basically for this one you need to work out what you would want to be remembered for - or what kind of important message you would like the whole world to hear. Write down your answer.

6. Imagine you're a superhero. What powers do you have?

You can make a list of 5 or 10. it's up to you. Then pick one,

This really teaches you about what kind of person you are - and what's important to you. Do you want to be able to fly? If so, why? Do you want to be able to become invisible? Why?

Write down your answer.

And finally, based on all of the answers to the questions above,

7. Make a statement about your purpose.

Start with "My purpose is..." Try to keep it short, less than 12 words is ideal.

Write it down. Carry it with you. Look at it often. Change and update it if necessary. You'll find that just having a meaningful purpose statement can change virtually every area of your life. It helps you prioritize what's important to you. It helps you make decisions about what to do in your life - how you spend your time.

Your purpose statement gives you a 'rudder' by which to steer your life.

Make it a good one - and don't be afraid to think big!

Keep Writing!

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