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Dear Fellow Writer,

The Easy Way to Write is owned and run by Rob Parnell and my darling, Robyn Opie. Between us we have published over 100 books, courses and ebooks all around the world in several languages - and both of us have a wealth of experience based on our many years within the writing community.

We are thoroughly committed to helping writers of all skill levels - the professional and the newbie alike.

If you would like any advice or guidance on writing issues, or wish to enquire further regarding our writing resources and services, then feel free to email us. Either or both of us will answer your queries as soon as we can, usually within 24 hours.

Either of these email addresses will reach us:

Should you wish to call us personally, email us for our telephone number.

You will need to look up your international codes if you are calling us from abroad.

We - individually or together - are also available for presentations, seminars, visits to your local writing group or school or function and we're very flexible about our rates. Often, as long as we can get there, we'll do these things for free. Call us for details.

If you'd like to contact us through the mail, our business address is:

The Easy Way to Write
PO Box 485
Morphett Vale
SA 5162

Thank you for supporting the Easy Way to Write.

Best regards and keep writing!

Rob Parnell
Your Success is My Concern
The Easy Way to Write

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