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"Writing Style and Your Unique Voice" 

"The Importance of Your Copyright"

"On Character Creation"

"Can You Be Too Old to Write?"

"The Horror, the Horror"

The Fantasy Fiction Formula

"Free Writing Techniques"

"Writers Guide to Reading"

"The Science of Easy Writing"

"What's Next for You?"

"News Views & Clues to Writing Success"

"You Got The Power"

"The Culture of Positivity"

"How to be Your Own Mentor"

"Create Your Own World"

"Keep It Simple, Stupid!"

"Cure Writers Block - Forever"

"The Truth is Out There"

"Tempus Fugit"

"Stand Up and Be Counted"

"Write From Where You Started"

"That Competitive Edge"

"Inspiration Point"

"Change Your Mind"

"Writing at the Pit Face"

"Change the Way You Look at Things"

"Show Don't Tell"

"On Me"

What Do You Want To Say?"

"Moments of Clarity"

"The Write Stuff"

"Tame Your Creativity"


Writing Down The Bones

"Give Away Your Fiction"

"Secret Grammar Rules"

"Motivation and Writing"

"What to Do With Inspiration"


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The Complete
Easy Way to Write Resources

Many subscribers have asked - actually begged - that I offer my complete range of writing resources in one special deal. 

After much deliberation, I have decided to oblige...

You can now purchase all of the writing resources listed below for the super low price of $197. For that, you get everything I've written over the last ten years - thousands of dollars worth of proven advice, guidance and tuition over many hundreds of writing modules.

Click on the link below, making sure you pick the PayPal option:

FYI: Click through to the links below to see what is included in the complete resource pack.

The Easy Way to Write a Novel

Fiction 101

The Writer and the Hero's Journey

Romance Writing

Writing for Television

Horror Writing

Complete Writers' Online Guide

Fantasy Writing

Bestseller Writing

Copywriting Course

Screenplay Writing

Children's Book Writing

Easy Cash Writing

Autobiography Writing

Nuts and Bolts of Writing 

Short Story Writing

The Art of Story 

Thriller Writing

Self Editing

Writing Success

Show Don't Tell

Remember that these resources may be removed from the Net soon - as they are rolled out into the offline line world as expensive trade paper books and reference manuals. Get yours now - at this once only super low price.

Click on the link below, making sure you pick the PayPal option:

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Rob Parnell's Easy Way to Write


"Luck and strength go together. When you get lucky, you need the strength to follow through. You also need strength to wait for the luck."
Mario Puzo

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