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"Do You Want to Know the Secret to Writing Good Quality Fiction that Literally Begs to be Published?"

Over the past nine years I've been coming up with the writing resources I think you might need the most - getting ever more involved in genre, writing specifics like self editing, re-writing and sometimes perhaps some overly specialized areas...

The funny thing is I've generally ignored the basics.

Even though I get asked about them a dozen times a month!

I mean, it's all very well me saying things like, "When you're writing your novel, do this and do that…", but what about when you're just starting out with some vague ideas for a story and are not sure where to go?

I constantly get emails asking:

Where and when and HOW do I start?

How do I get ideas?

How do I get from ideas to story?

How will I know when I'm ready?

What are the actual steps I take before I even start writing?

Please can you help me?!?

These are the kinds of questions I get all the time - and have spent countless hours answering in emails to my loyal subscribers!

I'll be honest with you. I HAD to commission this book.

Why? Three main reasons.

1. I knew I had to address a need - so many writers wanted guidance in this area - and unfortunately, I just didn't have the time to write it myself.

2. I was very impressed by the skill and enthusiasm of a talented young writer who had just made my acquaintance.

And 3. - well, there was simply nothing around like it - nothing that, to me, outlined the Easy Writing philosophy with sufficient depth, honesty and clarity.

It's crazy if you think about it. That a process so fundamental had no definitive text you could hold up and say, "Here, this here is what you need!"

Until now (of course!)

I'm proud to present to you a new ebook by the noted writer, author, reviewer and critic, Jennifer M Thompson:

"The Easy Way to Write Definitive Guide to:
Character, Plot and Point of View"

For this ebook, Jennifer and I discussed in great detail what was required.

The crucial information it contains specifically draws on the myriad questions posed to me and all the other EWTW teachers over the last two and a half years.

It targets the fundamentals of pre-writing issues in a way never before seen on the Net.

Here's a brief breakdown of the chapter contents:

1. Character IS the Story

2. Components of Building Interesting, Believable Characters

3. How To Make Your Characters Come Alive On The Page.

4. How to Make Your Reader See Your Characters Through Action

5. POV: Omniscient, First Person Singular, Third Person, Combinations

6. Plotting Made Oh So Easy

7. Theme - So, What's Your Point?

8. Make the Reader See the Story Or, The Other Aspects of Plotting

Plus, Jennifer deftly takes you through the entire process of organizing your thoughts and ideas with a specially written workbook designed to help guide you through these vitally important areas.

Altogether she presents over 104 detailed pages on all the intricacies of character development, effective plotting - the Easy Way to Write way - and how best to handle all those sticky questions raised by point of view (POV).

Drawing on her immense knowledge and background, Jennifer also uses easy to inderstand examples from all the main literary genres to help you grasp the fundamentals and beyond.

Here is a book you dare not be without.

Let's face it, writing a novel is probably one of the biggest challenges you can put upon yourself. That's why it's so important to get things right before you start!

This brand new resource can do that for you - easily and effectively.

And with a no fuss, lifetime money back guarantee, you simply can't lose, especially because we're practically giving away this very special package for the super low price of just $9.

That's right. $9 for this great ebook AND the special workbook. Now that's a good deal!

"The Easy Way to Write Definitive Guide to:
Character, Plot and Point of View"

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Anytime night or day!

Get it before we come to our senses and double, or maybe triple the price!

PS: So you think you're a professional and don't need this kind of instruction?

Okay, most of the time the 'talented' amongst us will resolve these fundamentals perhaps instinctively but…

What if you get stuck? What if, as often happens - even after your first, second or, God forbid, your third novel - you get blocked, and can't quite grasp why it all seemed so instinctive before?

What then?

Take a refreshing trip back to basics:

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Keep Writing!
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