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Recent Articles

Writing at the Pit Face
Change the Way You Look at Things
There's Always Tomorrow
The Future of Publishing
The Trouble with Writing
Elementary, My Dear Sherlock
How Many Pages Did You Write Today?
Editing Secrets from a Professional
Pace in Fiction
The Oracle
Edit Out the Literary
Don't Think, Write
When You Hate Your Own Writing
How to Write a Bestseller
What's That Knocking Sound?
There's Always a Book Inside You
Top Ten Bestselling Books - Ever
On Being a Modern Writer
On Being a Writer
About Rob Parnell
Who is Your Main Antagonist?
Submitting MSS - An Overview
The Four Questions


The 7 Secrets of Success
Discover Your Destiny in 7 Easy Steps
How to Write Fantasy Fiction
Help Yourself to Success
Passion, Patience and Pride - A Writer's Guide
Making Resolutions that Stick
How to Inspire Yourself to Write
How to Tough it Out When Things are Tough

Romance Writing

Romance Writing for Profit
Romance Writing That Publishers Want

General Writing Articles

Your Attitude - Your Secret Weapon
The Surprise Ending - Expect the Unexpected
The Ten Rules for Writing - Elmore Leonard
On Your Mark, Get Set, Write
Writing, the Universe and Everything
The Easy Way to Write - What's it all About?
What is Bad Writing?

Fiction Writing

Becoming a Better Writer - A 10 Step Guide
Fiction - What to Leave Out!
I Can't Put It Down - How to Write Compelling Fiction
Why Fiction Matters
Theme and Premise - What's the Difference?
Description in Fiction - How Does it Work?
Give Fiction Characters Some Attitude
Point of View in Fiction - What's Right and What's Wrong
Locations in Fiction
Murder Your Darlings
Good Dialogue - What's That You Say?

Practical Writing Tips

Finding Your Unique Voice
The Secret Ingredient to Your Writing
Make Your Writing Sparkle
Writing - Questions / Empathy / Drama
Objectivity and Writing / How An Author Disappears From View
How to Create Intrigue in Fiction
Building a Novel Template
How to Structure Stories
Writing Those Big Scenes
Writing a Blockbuster - The Formula
How to Write a Novel Quickly
How to Write an Essay
How to Create a Writer's Blog
What is Writing Style?

Writing and Writers

What Writers Think and How They Feel
Writing is a Life Long Sentence!
Finding the Genuis Within - A Writer's Guide
How To Make A Living As A Writer
Baring Your Soul - A Writer's Guide
What To Look For In A Writing Mentor
What To Do When You Get There - A Beginner's Guide To Success
The Pursuit of Fame - A Writer's Guide
Barking at Shadows
Writers and Radio Interviews
What's Now Hot and What's Not in Writing

Screenplay Writing

Getting Published

How to Achieve Writing Success
The Secret to Writing Good Stories
How to Get Published
A Writer Needs to Self Publicize
Tall Poppy Syndrome

Keep Writing!

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Writing Style and Your Unique Voice 

Importance of Copyright

On Character Creation

Too Old to Write?

Fantasy Fiction Formula

Free Writing Techniques

Writers Guide to Reading

Science of Easy Writing

Writing Success

You Got The Power

Culture of Positivity

Be Your Own Mentor

Create Your Own World

Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Cure Writers Block - Forever

The Truth is Out There

Tempus Fugit

Stand Up and Be Counted

Write From Where You Started

That Competitive Edge

Inspiration Point

Change Your Mind

Writing at the Pit Face

Change the Way You Look at Things

Show Don't Tell

On Me

What Do You Want To Say?

Moments of Clarity

The Write Stuff

Tame Your Creativity


Writing Down The Bones

Give Away Your Fiction

Secret Grammar Rules

Motivation and Writing

What to Do With Inspiration

Writing is all in the Mind

Fast and Furious Writing

Stop Worrying, Start Living

Imagineering Your Future

Life Planning for Writers

Dream Catching for Writers

Your First Week Writing

Your Sacred Writing Space

Be Accountable for your Writing Time

Easy Template for Nonfiction

Elements of Story

Your Point of View

Prioritize Your Writing Time


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