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The Easy Way to Write:
"Editing for Success"

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Dear Fellow Writer,

To a professional writer, writing is editing.

The first draft of anything is fun and rewarding - or should be! But it's only 20% of the work. The other 80% of your writing time should be spent editing, reworking and polishing.

Robyn and I wrote this self editing course together - because we both agreed that the vast majority of writers needed a guide to help them prepare their work for submission and publication.

We're very proud of the result, especially after we received so much praise from writers and publishers in particular.

It is, literally, our final word on editing!

For the first time - the course has been updated, collated and reworked into one complete resource - and is only available this one last time.

Get the full course now to add to your collection of Easy Way to Write resources - before they're all gone!

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Hello from Rob and Robyn,


The two of us have been in this writing business for a long time. Between us we've had 117+ (and counting) books and courses published - and that's not including the 100s of other articles, interviews and writing projects we've been involved in over the years. We've even had TV and movie scripts optioned, made and screened.

Our writing websites and blogs are rated by Writer's Digest and many other writing experts as containing some of the best writing advice in the world. We also give regular talks and host seminars.


Because, when it comes to writing, we know what we're talking about!

So here's some news from the front line:

As part of our career, we're in constant contact with agents and publishers.

And this is what they consistently tell us. That: "99% of all the manuscripts they see are UNPUBLISHABLE!"

And why?

"Because 99% of writer's can't wait to get their MSS to them!"

So much so, they don't bother to POLISH them to
at least a PROFESSIONAL standard!

Now. Let's consider this for a while.

As a writer, you're lucky.

No other profession would let you submit stories, novels and proposals for books the way that publishing does. Publishing relies on an average of 100 amateurs submitting manuscripts in the hope that just 1 in a 100 will become a future professional.

That's actually terrific odds if you think about it.

Your chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 14 million.

Your chances of winning a bet on the horses is 1 in 900,000.

Compared to that, 1 in a 100 seems almost a sure thing!

So why does acceptance seem so elusive for so many writers?


"Writers Consistently Shoot Themselves in the Foot."


"The work they submit is not ready for publication."

"And, if you don't submit good, well edited,
professional looking manuscripts, you
will always be part of the 99% of wannabes!"

Here are the type of things that are important:
(Much more important than you can imagine!)

* Punctuation * Spelling * Grammar * Syntax * Clarity of Meaning

* Readability * Style * Tense * Structure * Objectivity

* Point of View

* Show Don't Tell...

& a host of other seemingly 'little' things that
literally separate you from your writing success.

Simply put:

These 'little' things are so FUNDAMENTAL that if you make mistakes in these areas, YOUR MANUSCRIPTS will NEVER be considered WORTHY of PUBLICATION.

Sobering thought?


Look, Robyn and I have tens of thousands of writers subscribed to our numerous websites. We have daily contact with writers and edit many manuscripts on a continual basis.

Do you really think we would care so much about this issue if we didn't AGREE with the publishers and agents we deal with?

Because we too, know full well that 99% of ALL WRITERS - even some very good ones - are sloppy and unprofessional when it comes to the basics.

Do we need to stress this to you again? We think so.

If You Don't Get the BASICS Right - You Will NEVER Get Published


If you love your work enough to EDIT it properly then you WILL BE in the 1% that gets published.

Too many writers make errors consistently throughout their manuscripts - and they don't realize that THIS is the very reason why they are constantly rejected!

And, make no mistake, this means YOU!

So, guys and gals, what's the answer?


"We Have a Solution"

Over five comprehensive modules you will benefit from:

1. Introduction to Manuscript Editing.

2. The Basics - Tips and Strategies to Ensure Your Success

3. Editing for Story, Content & Rewriting

4. Editing for Impact: Clarity, Sense, Logic and Transparency

5. Editing for Submission & Publication

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Keep Writing.

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