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Easy Cash Writing!

Finally: the complete guide to creating a full-time freelance writing career from the world's foremost writing guru, Rob Parnell. 

This massive digital volume is a unique writing resource for new writers who want to get paid for their work. It is also a comprehensive motivational system that enables you to start writing from just five to ten minutes a day and progress to becoming a well-paid Easy Cash Writing professional - within days or weeks, if that's what you truly want. 

Full of tips, tricks and strategies for realistic, proven writing success, Easy Cash Writing shows you how to pitch and write for freelance markets. It shows you exactly what to do to achieve your creative dreams. Better than that, it tells you exactly what not to do and what to avoid in your quest for financial independence as a full-time writer. 

Ten years in the making, meticulously researched and previously unavailable to anyone 'outside' of The Easy Way to Write website, this book has always been Rob Parnell's most popular and effective writing resource. Now available in one volume with thirty eight all-new chapters and almost two thousand paying markets - and ONLY paying markets - for freelance writers, novelists, nonfiction authors and budding journalists. 

If you've ever considered changing your life by becoming a very well-paid writer, working from home, being free to do what you want, when you want to do it, then this is the book you've been waiting for. 

In this brand new version of Easy Cash Writing, Rob Parnell shows you how to make serious cash from writing in all sorts of arenas you've probably never heard of - or even thought of. It is a pro-active program created to help you venture effortlessly into the world of making money from writing. It also shows you how to organize your new career and how to best strategize for continual profit. 

Basically, Easy Cash Writing is an holistic approach to making real money from writing - from someone who knows how it's done, and has been there, done that, for the last fifteen years, on a daily basis. 

The fact is: writing gigs are everywhere. Most, if not all, are open to freelance writers. You just have to know where (and how) to look and apply yourself like a professional. Often we need guidance to do that. No worries. Rob Parnell will personally take you by the hand and guide you through the myriad of writing markets out there and show you how to easily achieve freelance writing success - and quickly. 

This unique volume takes you step-by-step through the process of writing and submitting to markets based on minimum word count. It not only shows you the markets but also HOW to write for them with clear and proven examples and strategies. This books details how you can immediately start earning real cash, real soon, with your own words. 

Here's a brief sampling of what Easy Cash Writing covers: 

* Freelancing as a Career ($100K+ per year) 
* Article Pitching to Magazines 
* Writing Quick Fillers 
* Short Story Writing for Profit 
* Writing Letters for Big Cash 
* Serious Revenue from Blogs ($5000 a month) 
* Self publishing on-line and off-line (no limit to your earnings) 
* Building Multiple Sources of Income 
* Ghost Writing 
* Submitting Short Comedy Sketches 
* Easy TV/Movie work 
* Writing Slogans 
* The Real Truth about Copywriting, 
* The Greeting Card Market 
* Poetry, Song Lyrics and Rap 
* Flash and Fan Fiction 
* Genre Fiction Writing 
* Recipes and Cookery Books 
* Kid's Picture Books and YA novels 
* Grants and Funding for Writers, 
* Free Entry Competitions, 
* Comic Strips / Cartoons 
* Pitching nonfiction to publishers 
* Reviewing for a Living 
* Writing Website Content 
* Travel Writing 
* Small Business Literature 
* Ad Writing for Success 
* Using Google Adsense, Facebook and Social Marketing 
* And so much more! 

Get in the know and launch your high-paying Easy Cash Writing career today!

Keep Writing!

Rob Parnell

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