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The Easy Way to Write:
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Dear Fellow Writer,

I love this course - I love all the work and research that went into dissecting the five bestselling novels that are featured.

Not only that - it was an education to see that, yes indeed, there are basic formulas - repeatable formulas - at work in the writing of bestselling novels.

If you value success as a writer, you will find much assistance in the Anatomy of a Bestseller full course. There's no other resource quite like it in the world.

Full of engaging fact, color pictures and templates for you to copy, you will easily understand how to construct and execute your own bestselling novel in no time at all.

For the first time - the course has been collated and reworked into one complete resource - and is only available this one last time.

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Imagine knowing how to write a bestseller.
Imagine knowing all the ingredients necessary: exactly what to put in, what to leave out, where to focus your precious writing time and energy - to create insanely sellable fiction that publishers will fight over!
Wouldn't that give you the advantage you've always sought?
Why spend a lifetime trying to work through the vagaries of fiction writing, when I can present to you all you need to know.

And here's one secret for free: you don't need to be the greatest
writer on earth to sell the most books.

I have studied the five bestselling novelists of the last decade: Dan Brown, JK Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Evans - and at least THREE of these writers have been publicly criticized over their LACK of writing ability!
I won't name which ones here - or for why. Suffice it to say it's clear to me - and most likely you too - that being a great literary master is NOT the key to achieving bestselling status!

So - if it's not being a great writer that makes a bestseller, what is it?

Clearly - it's a combination of pre-requisites that I will explore in my brand new writing course: "Anatomy of the Modern Bestseller".

In case you don't know me, I am the author of the award winning Art of Story and The Hero's Journey in Fiction. I conduct writing workshops all over the world. I regularly speak on US radio shows about writing. I also run the largest and most influential offline Writing Academy in Australia.

My book, The Easy Way to Write a Novel has been in the TOP TEN bestseller list on Clickbank ever since its release over NINE years ago!

It has always been my intention to help writers - and I believe I do. I have personally mentored over three hundred novelists and screenwriters - many of whom have gone on to glittering writing careers. I do this because I love writing and because I seem to possess a unique ability to identify the basic fundamentals of issues that are often needlessly complicated.

That is why I know I can teach you how to write a bestseller!

I can show you precisely how to write, plot and structure the kind of novel that sells millions. I know how to create the right kind of characters - and can show you the kind of relationships they should have. I can teach you about setting, the rules of dramatic intent and easy ways to lift your writing to bestseller status.

I have studied writing all my life.

And now I want to help you.

Recently I have in particular studied the current five novels bestselling novels of this century to bring you the best course I believe I have ever produced, based on intimate analysis of these books:


You will discover:

How to create instantly sympathetic characters your reader will love

'The secret' to compelling characterization

How to plot a dynamite story

How to correctly structure a bestselling novel

How to 'up the stakes' in fiction

How to ensure a reader is riveted

Actual step by step templates that show the correct pacing of a story

The right balance between dialogue, exposition and description

How to impress a publisher with your first line

How to sell your work to an agent

And much more...

Get in inside the minds of these fabulous authors:

Dan Brown, Nicholas Evans, Joanne Rowling, Paulo Coelho and Stephenie Meyer

Experience writing bestsellers from the inside out!

So what's in the course?

xxxModule 1. The Idea and the Outline

Writing a blockbuster novel is not just about luck. 99% of the books you see in the NY Times bestseller list were planned and executed with the express purpose of getting on to it.

We will explore the psychology of bestselling authors and the questions they ask themselves before they begin writing. Finding a topic and a set of events that will be compelling to many people is just as important as writing about your characters and their relationships. There are big questions you will need to ask yourself before you write your own bestselling novel. I will reveal those questions and their significance to your success.

I will show you how to easily construct a bestseller outline of your own - and show how strong outlines were used to create the five bestselling novels of our time.

xxxModule 2. Characters and their Relationships

We will analyse what makes a character heroic and enduring. There are simple formulas - but be aware, these are in no way formulaic – because if they were, they wouldn’t work!

Building and developing bestseller characters and compelling character-based scenarios is a process – one you can easily master. I will reveal to you the simple rules that ensure a reader’s engagement in your characters, their relationships, histories, actions and motivations.

We also analyse point of view and how best to use it. Here again, there are rules on how to proceed. Using the examples of the five bestselling novels featured, I will explain those rules and guide you into making the correct decisions for your own work.

xxxModule 3. Scene Structure and Plotting

Plotting modern stories is no longer a random series of writerly mishaps. Just like TV and the movies, plotting a major novel is a logical sequence of carefully considered judgments that a committed bestselling author (and often his/her agent and publisher) can and do make.

There are many useful conventions you can use when it comes to plotting a bestselling story. Pace can be formalised – and I will show you the template to use for this purpose. So too can scene structure be shown to be a predetermined decision based on the effect you are trying to achieve.

Remember that my purpose in these lessons is to help guide you towards writing a bestseller. In this module I will present to you formulas which you may embrace or reject, based on your needs and your intuition. However, from the five examples cited, I will also give evidence that certain conventions are best adhered to if you sincerely want to write a bestselling novel.

xxxModule 4. Story Editing and Revision

As writers, we all know that careful editing can make the crucial difference between rejection, consideration or acceptance. Editing a high concept novel requires a dedicated focus on story, impact and emotional involvement with a critical, sometimes ruthless eye. Let me show you how that is done.

Editing and revising a bestseller is often a new frontier for many writers, but one that really must be mastered. I will explore the various techniques employed by bestselling authors and – in their own words – show you how this powerful mindset is achieved and exploited.

If you’ve never actually achieved this position of calm objectivity in regards to your own writing, and its potential force, this module promises to be an enlightening adventure.

xxxModule 5. Submission and Success

When the writing is over, your quest for publication begins. But rest assured, if you’ve followed the teaching of this course up to this point, you are streets and houses ahead of the competition. You will have reached a state of absolute surety that your work is a bestseller merely looking for a home.

This, believe it or not, is when you, the author, has more power than you will ever have in the rest of your writing career. I will show you how to use that power skilfully and to your ultimate advantage.

Based on actual evidence, I will show you a marketing and submission plan that will ensure your success in placing your novel with a publisher.

Plus, tips, secrets and tactics that have been used over and over to literally guarantee long-term success as a bestselling author. All told with the customary wit and wisdom you'd expect from me - and with full color illustrations too!

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Keep Writing.

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