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The Easy Way to Write:
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Dear Fellow Writer,

Using your skill at weaving words to create success is, basically, what you want to do, right?

With fiction you take the indirect route, baring your soul in private for ages in the hope you'll get lucky some years down the line.

But what if you wanted to take a more direct route? To write things that actually generated cash - and quickly.

This is where copywriting should appeal to you.

I've always liked my Wealth from Words copywriting course. It's thorough but doesn't dwell on anything you don't need to know. It's based on my ten year ride online - and I've never been more honest about anything in my life within its pages.

If you've ever been tempted to at least find out all you need to know about copywriting, or running a successful copywriting business, then I sincerely believe this is the only course you'll ever need.

For the first time - the course has been collated and reworked into one complete resource - and is only available this one last time.

Get the full course now to add to your collection of Easy Way to Write resources - before they're all gone!

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I can teach you how to use words to their best effect - to create the RESULTS YOU WANT - whether that be earning hard cash now, raising money or getting the deals or advances you want for your writing.

I can show you:

* Secret trigger words that always get results

* Unseen Subliminal tags, hooks and phrases that compell your reader to act!

* How to create copy / queries / synopses that no-one can put down!

* How to write letters that make so much money you can't keep up!xxxxx

* How to organise your writing time for maximum wealth pulling power!

* Useful tricks and writing techniques that are proven to put cash in your bank account!

* Plus lots of tips on how to stay laser beam focused on your writing success

But wait!

It's Not About The Money

For me, writing is never about the money.

I love writing. It's my life. I like nothing more than working on a new novel or short story, a movie script or one of my courses for The Easy Way to Write. I get really involved in the writing process and love to share what I learn along the way.

But sometimes I forget just how far I've come in the last few years.

In 2002 I was an office drone, and just like a million others, I was bored, poor, miserable and frustrated. Yearning for change. Desperate for a new and better life.

It was my boys coming along that changed me.

While my partner was pregnant I took a long hard look at my life. And I thought, "What are my children going to think of me when they get older?

"What are they going to see? A tired old man that gave up on his dreams? A guy who shows them that compromise is more important than adventure? A would-be writer who hated himself because he'd never made that all important decision to write for a living?"

As chance would have it, while I was struggling with the decision, it was made for me.

I Got Sacked From My Day Job

Of course, as things turned out, getting sacked was the best thing that could have happened to me. In fact, it was a godsend.

It made me question what my life was about. I knew in my heart I was a writer but like most would-be writers, I had very little to prove it - a lot of notes, a few short stories and many projects that had faltered.

There was nothing concrete I could point to and say: "There, that's what I do. Anyone interested?"

I knew then that if I was ever going to be a full time writer, I would just have to go to it.

Do it - whatever the consequences.

Writing for living is a learning experience. You have to try different things and, in order to keep going - to pay those confounded bills - you have to learn quick or you'll be back to the 9-5 millstone before you know it.

That's how I came into copywriting...

I discovered that writing sales copy for myself and others became the easiest and quickest route to discarding my old life and reap the benefits of all the rich folks I'd ever seen around me.

"The Rich Are Different From Us"

F Scott Fitzgerald said it first - in the opening paragraph of A Diamond as Big as The Ritz. To be honest, the first time I read that line, I had no idea what Fitzgerald meant.

I do now.

Because being rich doesn't change who you are but it does change your outlook - the way you view the world and its possibilities. You feel unfettered by convention. You feel strong, confident and, most of all, contented.

In the old days I mostly felt powerless. At the weekends, I used to go for walks in the park with my partner and, even though I should have been happy, I'd berate myself for not being a real writer, for having to work in jobs I hated, for just not getting anywhere.

I remember those days now with a deep sadness. I almost wish I could go back there and tell myself, "It's going to be okay, Rob. One day soon, you're going to discover the writer's secret weapon: the ability to write good copy."

Because writing good copy is not just about creating sales pages that make you money. If anything that's really just a small part of it. No, writing good copy helps your writing - and your career - in so many ways.

Here's some idea of how copywriting can help you:

* You suddenly get taken seriously by all those agents and publishers you thought hated you and your work because you've finally learned how to communicate effectively with them

* Ideas for projects become real going concerns because you're able to get those ideas across in your writing

* Backers get excited about your proposals because you've managed to instill in them confidence in your abilities

* Little things like being able to a write a resume that actually impressess people - whatever your experience

Of course I could also tell you about all the thousands of companies out there that are literally crying out for sales copy - and pay freelance writers a fortune to write their advertising material for them.

But you probably already know about those. It's the most frequently hyped part about writing copy - and is certainly well paid but is frankly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to reality.

Simply put, the ability to write good copy is fundamental to a writer's career in the modern world.

Writing articles, blogs, web content, short stories, novels, non-fiction, movie treatments and scripts all benefit enormously from a good grasp of copywriting. Because:

Good Copywriting Is Simply Good, Effective Writing

With the added benefit of being able to make you wealthy!

So - do you now see how good copywriting skills can help you?

Can you grasp the advantage you'll gain from being able to write good copy - over all those other writers?

Great! Because I'm really looking forward to helping you learn to write the best copy - quickly and easily.

Here's the course contents:

1. The Introduction - What a Good Copywriter Needs to Succeed

2. Studying Sales Letters

3. Supplemental - Headlines and Taglines

4. Analysis of a Real Sales Page

5. Copywriting 101 - Studying the Use and Power of Words

6. Supplemental - an Exclusive Interview with Rob Parnell

7. How to Set a Copywriting Business 1 - Practical Advice

8. Copywriting Advanced - Studying the Use of Persuasive Language

9. How to Run a Copywriting Business - Proven Practical Steps

10. How to Use Copywriting in Your Writing Career - Queries etc

11. How to Make Money Using Your Copywriting Skills

12. How to Create and Maintain an Ongoing Copywriting Career

Learn about:

* Writing great sales pages, web content and blogs

* Writing effective proposals, queries and synopses

* Writing strong articles, newsletters and ads

* Creating a successful copywriting business

* Getting paid writing work - on and offline

* Turning yourself into a well fed, well paid writer

Don't doubt it. This is the DBs. The real deal. This masterclass can turn any writer - or even would-be writer - into a first class cash generating machine.

I know. I'm living proof.

Now - it's your turn. For $11? You'd be crazy not to take a look! Click here:

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Full course now available for immediate download in all standard PDF, Kindle and iPad formats.

Keep Writing.

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