11 Great Reasons to be a Writer

Great Reasons to be a Writer

I thought I'd outline some of the perks associated with living the writer's life. Most are obvious but others less so.

1. You Get Your Name in Print

The career author knows that many people spend their entire lives trying to get to this, stage one, of the writer's life. 

When it happens, you may never take it for granted. 

Having your words in print is like an endorsement of who you are. Somehow you matter

And that feels good.

2. You Get Recognition

There are two aspects of this. 

One, you get people coming up to you at the mall who know your name - which is kind of weird the first time it happens - actually every time it happens because it's easy to forget you're 'known' through your writing, even if you're not very famous.

Two, you go places or call people and they say, "Yeah, I know you," and it takes you by surprise. 

It's like having a flag-bearing messenger running ahead of you, breathlessly telling people you're coming, so they'd better get ready to listen to you.

3. You Get Respect

You come up with an idea and you write it down, send it out, and then, amazingly, you are taken seriously. 

This in itself is wonderful, especially because for years before you were published. nobody took the blindest bit of notice of you.

Of course you still get rejections but when you've had a little success, people like producers, agents, and publishers listen for longer, they consider your ideas, they let you pitch and don't treat you with total contempt. 

4. You Get Royalties

Those checks come in and of course, it's never enough. Okay, so you don't have to go back to real work but, consider this:

Rich artists will attest that, the bigger the royalty check, the less it's about you.

A certain responsibility comes with success. You're not just doing what you do for yourself. 

There are all those companies, administrators, marketing people, and retailers who are relying on your creativity to pay their wages. 

Plus there's the duty of integrity you owe to your readers.

Scary thought, especially if you only went into the game for yourself.

5. You Get to Sleep In

Can't beat it with a stick.

We all get those times when we wake up and we don't feel like facing the world. 

When you're a successful writer - as in you get paid for what you do - it's okay to indulge in luxuries like complete indolence, once in a while. Bliss.

6. You've Got No Limits or Boundaries

You get to define your own priorities. You get to plan your day, your week, your year, your life.

If you want to spend a couple of months working on a novel, you can. If you want to develop a movie project idea, you can. If you want to do nothing for a couple of weeks, you can do that instead.

Of course, there are always commercial considerations. 

You have to be sure that some money will come from your ideas, eventually - in the short or long term - but when you work on them, well, that's your decision, your call.

Nice work if you can get it, as they say.

7. You Get to Speak

People want you to talk, to come to their venues and say something. This is very flattering, especially if they say they don't care what you talk about, as long as you're there.

You get to talk about yourself and answer questions nice people ask you. It's good to get these opportunities because it's like, what else was I going to do?

And you're going to pay me too? Wow, that's pretty cool.

8. You Get Presents

It's a phenomenon that goes back to the beginning of time: people give gifts to those they like or revere. 

It's a show of respect. It can be very disarming, especially when it's unexpected, which is pretty much all the time.

9. You Get Fans

It's weird when people quote your own lines back at you, especially when you hadn't thought those particular lines were important.

People tell you they've been following your career, that they have read everything you've written, that they are your number one fans. 

You smile, mumble nice things, and you hope you won't let them down.

10. You Get Holidays

At last, a perk that is serious fun.

People often assume that when you're a writer you're already living one long holiday, so why would you need to go away? 

But just because you're doing something toward your career every day doesn't mean you don't feel the need to get away sometimes.

The best thing is that, within reason, you can just go, whenever and wherever you like. 

However, you'll usually find an excuse to make it work related too, because:

11. You Get To Claim It All Against Tax

If you're an artist, an actor, or a writer, then it's assumed you're being an artist, an actor, or a writer 24/7. 

Therefore, everything you think and feel and do is about your work. 

Therefore, everything you buy and spend money on is, at least in theory, tax deductible. Bills, clothes, computers, books, DVDs, yep, even holidays...


I hope the above reasons will inspire you to keep pursuing the writer's life.

If you're in any doubt as to your ability to compete, take a good look at the people you regard as rich and successful. 

What have they got that you haven't?

Talent? Good looks? Better luck?

Nah, success in any arena all about commitment, persistence - and the courage to believe in yourself.

I hope this helps.

Keep Writing!

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